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Charm Your Loved Ones With OSIM Christmas Gift Sets From $68

Christmas to me kinda feels like it’s suddenly everyone’s birthday on the same day and we all get to celebrate together in a lovely huge ball of fuzzy goodness.

‘Tis definitely the season to be jolly, ‘tis the season to shop till you drop and for a whole lot of us, ‘tis the season to travel and be merry!

As much as I’m looking forward to a white Christmas in Korea, I’m dreading the inevitable rush to the airport, lugging my luggage around, the unsleepably crammed quarters on the plane and of course the mandatory aches and pains.

Don’t you just wish every plane seat was one of those sumptuously cozy massage chairs?

Alas, you can’t bring an OSIM massage chair onto your flight, but you can bring some of their numerous handy travel sized gadgets and gizmos with you! Some of which might even be better travel companions than your loved ones!

Can these little bundles of joy fit into your travel itinerary too? Read on to find out!


I decided to pick up the uMask Eye Massager and the uSnooz Massage Wrap to see if I really might be able to snooze all the way to Korea for Christmas.

Time for some hands on action!

First up, the OSIM uMask Eye Massager, a soft plush eye mask with a twist.

OSIM uMask Eye Massager

Not only does the cuddly fabric make the mask a dream to wear, with great light blocking qualities for those of us who are light sleepers, but it also houses batteries to power the eye mask’s secret superpower.

By pressing the embedded button at the side, you activate the eye mask’s gentle massage feature.

I found it mimicking how I feel in certain moving vehicles as I started to drift off to dreamland almost tout de suite. The massage is also a great way to relieve tired and strained eyes before bed while the portability of the eye mask means it’s perfect for taxi or plane rides, or even short naps in the office when the boss isn’t looking!

The cover is also removable whenever you want to wash and refresh your trusty eye massager.

All in all, a very handy little device which I’ll definitely be bringing on my next long haul.

Next up, the OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap.

OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap

Yet another plush delight from the brilliant minds at OSIM.

I’ll admit it, I love stealing food from B even when I’m not hungry, but B definitely gets his own back every time we take a flight somewhere. He always refuses to get his own travel pillow and insists on sharing mine, which of course means I wake up to see my hubby with the pillow all to himself. Ouch my neck!

Well worry no more. The uSnooz is so long that I can either enjoy its cuddly embrace all around my neck or we can both share it without one of us getting the short end of the straw.

Press the button at the side and you’ll be welcomed by wave upon wave of calming hypnotic goodness, while the button next to it allows you to adjust the therapeutic intensity of the massage to your liking.

Armed with these two OSIM goodies, I suddenly find myself looking forward to my next squeezy, rushed, achey flight overseas! Bring it on!

Psst! Even Frosty and Fatsnow approve! Yay!

It turns out OSIM have quite a few innovative products in their repertoire, perfect for your folks, colleagues and even you beauty conscious peeps! Check out my previous post for my personal account of the OSIM uGem 2 Beauty Massager and uScalp Salon-style Scalp Massager. 🙂

Well basically there’s something for everyone this holiday season with prices starting as low as $68, not for one, but for two goodies!

Check out their full range of Christmas sets here.

Well worth checking out and it seems like even Tosh Zhang and Apple from Ah Boys to Men also agree that these OSIM Christmas gifts are great deals:


OSIM Christmas Exclusive!

From now till 31 Dec 2017, these covetable Christmas gift sets are available from $68 for 2 sets!

They are now retailing at all OSIM Stores, roadshows and their online store at If you would like to find out more about OSIM’s products or promotions, you can stalk them on FB at for all the freshest scoop. *wink*

Psst! I’ll also be giving away an OSIM product of your choice from the $68 OSIM Mix & Match Gift Set. Visit my IG at for more juicy deets!

Contest ends 21st Dec at 10pm. The chosen winner will be able to collect the prize after the Christmas holidays. 🙂


Now that the gifts are taken care of, I can relax and toast to a very merry Christmas this year. Cheers everyone!

Your friend, Juliana



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