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Charity Awareness: Aveda Catwalk for Water

Every morning, I’ll have to take a nice warm shower to start my day on the right note.

So earlier, I was taking my daily energy-boosting shower when this thought came to my head – what if we run out of clean water one day? We will not be able to drink, wash, cook, etc.

We’ve never experienced the discomfort of running out of clean water, will we be able to survive?

Our water scarcity problem is becoming more prevalent each day. Do you know that 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation?

So we must never forget that it is a luxury to have clean water in our country and never take the plentiful supply of water for granted.

Well, the good news is many organizations in the world are already actively playing a part in creating a sustainable future and Aveda is one such company. They will be organizing a catwalk event later this month to raise funds to support clean water projects all over the world.

Click to find out how you can show your appreciation to mother nature and contribute to the cause. 🙂

Aveda, a leader in high-performance botanical beauty products and salon professional education, is holding the event called Catwalk for Water for the first time in Singapore in March, during which the Aveda Light the Way Candles will be launched. This event was created as a movement of Earth Month – April 2013, and the full proceeds of the Light The Way candle ($35) will go to the non-profit organization, Global Greengrants Fund, to fund clean water projects all over the world as well as to underprivileged children in Singapore.

These beautiful candles were designed by students of the Association School in Madagascar, and by purchasing one of the Aveda Light The Way Candles, you could be providing those students a better life.

The Light the Way Candle is part of Aveda’s broader CatWalks for Water campaign – with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of fashion shows and to create awareness and inspire action concerning the global water crisis. Sale of the event tickets will also go toward the Global Greengrants Fund.

Through Aveda’s global consistent fund-raising efforts, 26,000 people have benefited with clean water access.

WHEN: Aveda CatWalks for Water will be held on 20th March TIME: 7.00pm to 9.00pm VENUE: One Marina Boulevard NTUC Centre; 1 Marina Boulevard, Level 7 Singapore 018989

The event will be an eye-opener with Aveda’s global artists who will be doing ‘live’ hair presentation of Aveda Spring/Summer 2013 hair color collection and top stylists from prestigious salons such Shunji Matsuo, Kelture, Jeric and Team Salan to perform ‘live’ with local interpretation of the S/S hair colours lookbook.

Led by Aveda’s Global Artistic Team, artistic director Richardo Dinis and Ian Michael Black, the eco fashion showcase will highlight nature inspired colour shades and highly fashionable and wearable techniques. Apart from the ‘live’ performance of Aveda S/S hair color collection from Aveda’s team of global artists, four of Singapore’s most talented and influential creative stylists will presents their local interpretation of Aveda’s S/S hair colour lookbook.

To prevent hundreds of plastic bottles from entering landfills, only water will be served in the specially designed Aveda Catwalks for Water bottles. Since 1999, Aveda’s global network has raised more than $26 million (USD) to help make clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere.

This Aveda Catwalk for Water Spring Summer 2013 event and launch of Light the Way candles is a cause-oriented meaningful combination of fashion, lifestyle and environmental responsibility so let’s support it today by attending the event and purchasing the Aveda Light The Way Candles from Aveda Experience Centres at Tangs Beauty Orchard and Ngee Ann City.

Clean water begins with you and me.

Your friend, Juliana



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