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Channeling 50 Shades Of Grey

fifty shades of grey fashion

In light of the release of the much-anticipated ’50 Shades of Grey’ film, Menswear specialist, Paul Fredrick, posed this question to me – Who is your dream ‘Mr Grey’?

Besides civility, wealth and power as described in the novel, my ideal ‘Mr Grey’ also entails many other alluring qualities. He is charming, witty, beautiful and possesses an intimidating yet gentle demeanour. Of course, he is also impeccably stylish. It’s all about the seductive sharp suits and perfectly tailored ensembles!

Needless to say, my Christian Grey is none other than my husband, Bobby. 🙂

He’s charming, well-built and has a great sense of fashion. As such, it is no surprise that he has the ultimate fantasy wardrobe of bespoke form-fitting suits that I believe would absolutely sit well with E. L. James’ Mr Grey.

I’m also in love with Paul Fredrick’s business wear and casual styles that would portray my dream Mr Grey perfectly. So I thought it would be fun to invade my husband’s wardrobe and Paul Fredrick’s latest collection to create a Christian Grey-inspired style board for you.

Woo hoo! Now let’s click to embark on a dark and passionate fashion affair!

A single breasted ash suit, shiny grey tie and an understated pocket square – what better way to depict the mysterious and charming Mr Grey?

To reflect Grey’s business-savvy look, Bobby used a simple straight fold of the pocket square to give a more sleek professional look instead of the triple point, pyramid, four step and other more playful folds.

Bobby is also wearing a tie bar from Dunhill. Tie bars were re-popularised, as were the pocket squares to some extent, by the impeccably smart Matt Bomer.

Replicate the look with these stylish items from Paul Fredrick.

Mr Grey needs his timeout with Anastasia Steele too. This is what I would imagine him to wear on a casual day out.

Sleek white shirt and checkered sweater while still sticking to the grey and preppy formula.

Christian Grey is a hanky person, remember? So in this ensemble, his pocket square is now converted to a hankerchief for chivalry purposes. 😛

All items here are from Paul Fredrick except the aviator shades and watch that are from Gucci and Bulgari respectively.

So what do you think? Do you have any other suggestions on what makes the perfect Mr Grey? Let me know by commenting below.

Hmm…I could feast my eyes on that grey suit all day. 😛

Ahem, now if you will please excuse me, someone is expecting me.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, belles!

Your friend, Juliana


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