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Catwalk Debut – Noel Caleb Jonah Fashion Show 2013

This weekend, I’ll be walking Noel Caleb’s fashion runway that will be held at The Sail at Marina Bay! 😀

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show?

Well, before I ‘strut my stuff’ on the runway, I thought I could show you the preparation that goes into a runway show as well as a sneak preview of the Noel Caleb Jonah Collection.

Click for your Jonah treat!

The ladies of the runway show.

Since most of us are catwalk newbies, Noel Caleb invited veteran model Jessica Ee to help us polish our walk.

The session commenced with a mini catwalk show where we had to show Jessica our walks.

Pretty Sulastri strutting her stuff.

I’ve never done this before so it was a sink or swim situation for me. I look pretty lost here. Haha!

Jessica was very funny throughout the rehearsal and often made remarks like ‘I’m gonna scrutinize and criticize your walks like I’m Noami Campbell because being nice does not pay off!’

Jessica’s antics and the cheery banter with the girls certainly made the catwalk rehearsals a much relaxed and happier experience.

My main takeaway from the session was to walk and pose with confidence. According to Jessica, I have the tendency to abruptly break my walk and pose. So she advised that I should always know when I’m going to stop and prepare to pose. Also twisting my torso slightly and throwing my shoulders forward during the pose will accentuate the narrowness of my waist and make me look more confident.

Now who says modeling is easy???

I wore a pair of turquoise heels that day which Jessica strongly disapproved of. She advised that we wear only nude or black 5-inch stiletto heels during the show because they go very well with outfits of any color.

Thanks Noel Caleb and Jessica for giving me a good reason to go shopping. 😛

Immediately after the session, I broke the bank and bought a few shoes and of course, also this pair of gorgeous suede nude heels from Aldo for the fashion show.

After all that striding on our imaginary runway, we had our first dress fitting with the pretty clothes of the Jonah Collection.

Then it’s camwhore time!

This is Sulastri and she is a famous vlogger on Youtube. Check out her coverage of the Noel Caleb events and rehearsals at

Did I mention that Jessica is also one of the models of the Noel Caleb Jonah Fashion Show?

Here she is at her dress fitting photoshoot. Look at all those poses!

Fiery hot!

Our final look.

This is Irina who’s also a blogger. Check out that lovely smile!

Visit her blog at for anecdotes of her life in Singapore (she’s from Russia originally), travel encounters and of course modeling experience at Noel Caleb.

Wanna see some moving pictures of the rehearsal? Watch this video shot and edited by Sulastri. 🙂

Can’t wait to watch the fashion show now eh?

Well, the Noel Caleb Jonah Fashion Show 2013 will be held at The Sail 44th floor overlooking the Marina Bay. The event will start promptly at 12pm.

If you would like to attend the fashion show, please email Noel Caleb at For more information, visit the Noel Caleb blog at or their facebook page at

Thanks Noel Caleb and Jessica for the interesting and valuable catwalk lessons!

Await my next Noel Caleb event coverage for more exciting scoop on backstage antics, showtime nerves and of course photos of sizzling models striding the runway!

Finally, please show me your love and support by liking this photo on Noel Caleb’s Facebook Page because the girl with the most votes gets a special prize from Noël Caleb! 😛

Of course, feel free to also vote/like the photos of the other girls! They are gorgeous! Click here for their photos! 😀

Alrighty, heading to The Co for my next rehearsal and dress fitting for the Jonah Fashion Show now.

Have a great evening my lovely belles!

Your friend, Juliana



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