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Bridal Beauty Log: Wedding-Worthy hair by Shunji Matsuo

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“Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair.” – Anonymous

Whoever who said that is indubitably spot on! Their hair always look soft, silky and voluminous!

And!!! They seem to have a life of their own too, always falling neatly back into place while they are dancing, singing, fighting evil witches and even when they are just getting out of bed. Pfft!

How unattainable can they get?!!

Just when I thought achieving princess-worthy wedding hair is just another forlorn fantasy, I met my hairy, I mean Fairy Godmother. And she’s none other than the revered Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon. 🙂

Read on to find how Shunji Matsuo hair stylists took a page from Disney’s style book and created the most flattering and manageable hairstyle for my Disney-themed wedding shoot! The frightening dark roots are coming out to play, like the Black Forests of fairytales. Eeek!

It is either me or them (the dark evil roots)!

I’ve read many great testimonials of Shunji Matsuo’s amazing hair transforming services so I decided to pay their esteemed salon a visit.

I was introduced to William and Jessica who analysed my hair and face structure thoroughly before making any recommendations.

Yeap. I felt like I was seeing a hair doctor. How professional!

I always thought wedding hair should be one-toned, classic and safe.

You know, this scene always plays in my head when I make life-changing decisions – like creating the look for my pre-nuptial photos. 😛

Imagine showing your grandkids your wedding album 40 years from now and they shriek at the sight of your multi-colored unicorn hair, electric blue nails or hideous early 21st century makeup. Not good.

So I told William I wanted one-toned, classic and safe wedding hair. Basically, BORING hair.

William, Director of the salon and armed with more than 8 years of experience of course laughed and said I could still still have fun with my hair. He suggested playing it up a bit with something more three-dimensional, stylish yet classy for the photo shoot.

Like… enhancing my current hair by covering up the roots and adding lighter highlights!

Here’s my ill-maintained mane that hasn’t been trimmed for more than three months. Gulp!

Before we began…

Are you always uncomfortable leaving your belongings behind while you go to the shampoo area?

I know I am. So I was happy to see these cabinets for customers to lock away their handbags.

Lockable storage cabinets for customers

Magazines and drinks were also served promptly before the hair treatment began.

And now we’re ready for the makeover!

This is Jessica who’s touching up my awful roots and adding highlights for a glowy and bright hairdo.

A hood dryer was placed over my head to hasten the drying process while holding in the moisture.

My hair was dull, limp and flat. So William also gave me a full hair treatment to give my lacklustre hair a boost.

If privacy is a concern, you’ll be glad to know that the shampoo area is divided by frosted glass partitions. Now you don’t have to be caught with dripping wet hair. 🙂

Jessica rinsed the hair dye off my hair before giving my scalp a soothing massage.

Then she commenced the deep moisturising treatment by applying Shiseido Professiona’s The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Mask on my tresses.

Next, Jessica nourished my dry strands further by supplying it with hot steam. The hair steamer is the holy grail of hair care as it allows optical absorption of moisture and increases hair growth as the steam increases blood flow to the scalp.

My hair after the intensive treatment.

To be honest, I never liked the hair colouring process and sometimes the treatment too. Because many hair stylists tend to pull my hair a lot while applying the dye. I’ve no idea why they do that. So I usually suffer from massive hair loss during the process. It happens sometimes during a hair treatment too. Have you belles experienced this too?

My hair treatment process at Shunji Matsuo was pretty relaxing like I was at a hair spa. No pulling and tugging of hair – which I totally appreciate. 🙂

William trimmed my hair with a mixture of cutting techniques such as precision, inverse layering and of course also the legendary niche cutting technique that was invented by Shunji Matsuo himself and Kazuhide Inoue 井上 和英, Director of renowned Japanese salon chain Fiber Zone and Zone and Section Academy.

The niche cutting technique focuses on creating a perfect structured style that aligns with the skeletal structure of the face and the hair fiber. Therefore, the hairstyle will last longer, be more resilient to changes and will also frame the face shape perfectly.

Jessica blow dried and curled my hair after William snipped off the dry ends.

Initially I was worried that the highlights might be a little too light, but William was right. The curls do stand out more now. 😀

Just when I thought I was good to go, William came over and began to layer my hair further. I was surprised as I was wondering how he could see the true length when my hair is all curled up like that.

I was getting worried again. He assured me that he knew what he was doing as he focuses not on the length but the style of the hair. All he could picture while he was trimming was the hair shape that flatters my face.

And I was done!

Hmm.. I see what he meant. The new layers give the illusion of bouncier hair with more volume.

I love it!

William bestows his final magic touch by rubbing the Arimino Spice Shower Shining into my hair to soften its texture and bring out its shine.

Did you see a difference too?

Thank you William, Jessica and Kai for the wonderful session! I had a great time and I’ll certainly be back for more!

William and I

My Wedding Shoot Looks…

Its new soft silky texture and bright shiny highlights made it really easy for me to create elegant tousled waves that even Rapunzel would be proud of. 😀

And now you know the secret to achieving great hair heights.

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Address: Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, 391 Orchard Road #05-23, Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238872 Contact no: 6238 1522

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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