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Bridal Beauty Log: The Real Beauty Boxes

It’s finally here – the much awaited pre-nuptial photoshoot in Paris!

Since the impromptu overseas shoot trimmed off a huge portion of our wedding budget, I decided to be my own makeup artist and create my own bridal looks.

Besides being a great cost-saving measure, this decision also allows me to choose makeup that highlights my best features and offsets the less-flattering ones. Well, no one knows your face better than you do, right? 😛


What cosmetics should I bring? I feel like I need everything on my vanity desk. Since I’ll also be lugging a ton of gowns and styling tools, I guess I’ll have to have to be prudent when it comes to choosing the right cosmetics for the shoot.

Before I delve into my cosmetics list, I thought I could first look for an affordable and possibly scalable makeup organiser or beauty box to create an efficient packing system for my makeup.

And after some intensive researching, I found three miracle solutions that are total space-savers and that make amazing additions to any dressing table.

Meet the “REAL” beauty boxes! 😛 This Hello Kitty makeup bag is my must-have when I’m on the go.

But since I’m going to create several looks with a thousand makeup products for this trip, its quart-sized interior won’t cut it.

Also forget the brush rolls and makeup pouches that can only contain a couple of brushes, eyeshadows and lippies. We’re on a mission here. We need something light, durable and hopefully affordable. 🙂

And this might be the ultimate makeup organising solution.

From Japanese lifestyle store, MUJI

Meet the Muji Makeup Box.

Yup. This is what it says on the tag.

This handy nylon beauty box measures 16.5cm high, 23.5cm wide and 16.5 long and is selling at a pocket-friendly price of SGD36.

It comes with compartments of different sizes to hold all kinds of makeup, even dinky containers.

Its design is practical and thoughtful.

Check out the protective flap that covers brush heads. It keeps the brushes in pristine condition by preventing them from fraying during transportation.

It also provides a pair of detachable lid props.

Yay! Now I can keep the box open while rummaging around for tools and powders. It’s a great fluster buster for morning makeup routines.

And finally, here’s why it’s a total keeper.

MUJI offers an assortment of vanity cases and containers of different shapes, sizes and heights that you can use to compartmentalise and customise your makeup box.

They work like a puzzle where you can stack and slide the containers, so they fit and sit neatly on top of one another forming a rectangular shape which you can slot into the bag.

Here are the containers that I got to suit my specific travelling beauty needs. The mirror shown below on the left also doubles up as a nice lid covering all the containers.

The containers cost less than SGD3.60. The only expensive item on my receipt was the mirror that retails at SGD13.90.

Not a bad purchase, eh?

Black bores me so I pimped the box up with a scarf that I got from Coach and my fave Hello Kitty key ring. 😛

If you’re a stylish jet setter looking for something nifty and convenient at the same time, Victoria’s Secret’s Hanging Travel Bag may be up your alley.

I got this a few months ago and it has been my trusty beauty companion ever since.

The bag comprises of five clear jelly lace pockets that allows me to sort my beauty essentials and carry them around easily. It also comes with a hook that hangs on the back of any door for easy access.

It even comes with a removable pouch for times when you just want to keep it light or when you need a portable case to bring on flights.

It is water-proof, travel-friendly and utterly chic.

Aww.. what more can I ask for?

Well, this next product I guess! Please allow me to introduce to you – The GlamPact.

In case, you’re wondering what’s so special about this case…

See photo below.

Noooo, it’s not just a foundation case. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Look!

Crazy, isn’t it???

The GlamPact is the first all-in-one luxe makeup compact. It contains refillable, customisable makeup trays that allow consumers to create striking palettes personalized to match their skin tone.

It’s list of goodies does not end here. Check this out!

Yup! Its mirror is lined with LED lights that can be switched on or off! Now I can enjoy a quick touch up on the plane, in the clubs and even during a night shoot!

If you think all the effort only went into the design, you’re absolutely underestimating the GlamPact’s commitment to create the ultimate cosmetic organiser.

This patent-pending makeup pact contains Superfection™ CC pressed powder with

SPF 30 PA+++, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadows and lipsticks that is made using clinical ingredients and botanical extracts to improve your skin’s overall appearance.

The concept is ingenious.

You can find out more about this revolutionary product here –

And that concludes my ‘Real Beauty Boxes’ post.

I cannot sing the praises of these makeup organizers enough. Each of them are brilliant ideas that are too good not to share.

Do you know of any smart beauty boxes that could eliminate chaotic cosmetics bags forever too? Share with me by commenting below!

Your friend, Juliana


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