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Bridal Beauty Log: HKCplaza Beauty Products

Remember I mentioned that I was gonna do my own makeup for my wedding shoot two entries back?

Well, someone definitely heard (or read) me because I just received more than 20 skincare and makeup products from!

It is insane but I’m absolutely gratified. There are enough eyeshadows, lippies, powders, creams and eyeliners in the package to turn me into an effusive makeup chameleon. Haha!

Before I swipe my fluffy brushes on the buttery smooth textures of the palettes, I thought I could show you some of the cool stuff in the stash.

Who knows? Some of them might be right up your beauty street? 😛

Scroll down for a virtual tour of my HKCplaza beauty bags!

Here’s a full view of all the products that I’ve received from There are actually 38 products in total. 🙂

The SKINCARE Products (Now available in the Cube Store.)

I heard these SMART products are a huge hit among the Koreans as they hydrate and prevent premature ageing. They contain Centella Asiatica and Argan oil. In case you’re wondering, Centella Asiatica, which originated in Asia and Madagascar, is used to lighten acne scars and pigmentation, accelerate skin healing, erase fine lines, promote collagen synthesis and prevent premature aging.

The MAKEUP Products (Available at

Did I mention that I’ll be doing my fiancé’s makeup too?

But I had a hard time figuring out his skin tone. He looks like he has both yellow and pink undertones. Well, with these many colors to choose from, I’ll never go wrong anymore. Time to play mix-and-match!

Here are some products that I’ve already started using:

The eyelash serum nourishes eyelashes, maintaining them, keeping them healthy, supple and hydrated. Every bride wants full and luscious eyelashes so I’ve been using them religiously to moisturise my eyelashes and to prevent them from falling out. Gulp! It also comes with this ingenious measuring card for you to assess the length of the lashes before and after application.

I’ve just started on the treatment and I’ll provide an update on my progress soon!

The LJH Eyelash Queen is available at only SGD52 (U.P. SGD64) in the Cube Store.

This is a super solution that reduces skin redness caused by sunburns, rashes or any other irritants. I’ve used it on my rashes and its hydrating ingredients helped relieve the persistent itch and improve my skins condition.

It is also a facial mist spray to refresh and comfort moisture-deprived skin that has been in environments that involve air-conditioning or pollution.

The PLC Solution is available at only SGD38 (U.P. SGD49) in the Cube Store.

I’ll be posting more photos of my wedding looks on my Instagram (@Anastasialove22) and my blog so keep your eyes peeled!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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