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Breaking News: River Island is Back + Olay’s Crazy Sale at Zalora!


Get a face AND style lift at Zalora this fall!

Well, the Great Singapore Sale is not over until Olay says so! From miracle sculpting creams to facial cleansing brushers, the American skincare juggernaut is all out to beautify you with their latest range of beauty products at friendlier prices.

Prices shrunk but products didn’t. What more can we ask for? 😛

Also, amp up your street style cred with River Island! You’re right! The British fashion trailblazer is back with more mind-blowing pieces from their latest collection!

So get back into the beauty limelight by clicking on the link now!

I hear you clamouring for more info already. Well, here it is! ZALORA is running a 20% discount on all Olay items!

No one can escape the power of time and gravity. One day, we’ll all lose the wrinkle battle and suffer the physical effects of aging – saggy skin, crow’s feet, deep lines, etc. C’est la vie…

Well, not quite yet!

Say hello to Olay’s Regenerist collection that promises to reverse age and preserve youth!

Get them all at 20% off and delivered to your doorstep at ZALORA!

British fashion label River Island makes a glorious comeback through ZALORA!

When we think UK high street style, several unforgettable and iconic brands come to mind, Top Man, Top Shop and of course River Island.

With humble origins selling vegetables and then setting up shops knitting wool, the Lewis family worked their way up to make River Island – one of the foremost high street fashion brands.

So it was a real pity when they wound up their stores in Singapore last year.

But guess what? River Island is once again making the fashion rounds on our sunny shores with their latest ZALORA launch.

Famed for their use of bold colours, fashion imagery and influence from pop culture, River Island is all ready to set our style-loving hearts aflutter with their AW13 CAMPAIGN.

Here are some drool-worthy photos from the campaign:

Great offers like these don’t happen everyday so head on over to ZALORA for your weekend shopping fix.

Let me know what you bought! 😀

Your friend, Juliana



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