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#Bobblianahome: Our New Home

As mentioned before, 2014 has been simply cray cray.

On top of the wedding paraphernalia and Honeyz Cube affairs, I was also occupied with another major project – house hunting.

It was exciting at first checking out showrooms of new projects. However, as the search went on, we began to feel dejected by the limited choices we had around the vicinity we wanted and the unstretchable budget we had. Another blatant problem? We would be homeless after the lease at our current home expires in a few months. Gulp!

So it appeared that we couldn’t afford time either. The setbacks, reality checks and the gruelling wedding prep process were certainly a recipe for insanity.

And then, we had a lightbulb moment!

You know, there are many practical variables we need to consider before purchasing a home but most importantly, we need to be able to picture ourselves living comfortably in that home.

Therefore, what makes a better home than the one we’ve already been living in for the past three years? We had so many great memories here and it would be perfect if we could continue to create more wonderful memories in this familiar space.

As fate would have it, we spoke to our landlord and managed to come to an agreement that benefited both parties. So here I am – typing this in the apartment I now call home! Whoopee!

And this also means….. we have free rein to decorate the house now! Double yay!

I need a girl cave. 😛

Meanwhile, click to check out the little changes we’ve made to our new #Bobblianahome!

The Living Room

You’ve probably seen parts of it a thousand times on my Instagram @Ilovebunnynet and Youtube channel. So here you go, this is how the entire space actually looks like.

Since the house is more than a decade old, the current fixtures and lights look a little dated.

Hence, we’re hoping to give our new home a makeover and recreate the lush resort feel we had at the Shangri-La Villingili Resort during our #Honeyzmoon.

The overhaul began at this corner.

We sprinkled a little fairy dust and hey presto!

A new sofa from X-Clusive Home, recommended by our friends! 😀

This is no ordinary sofa. See what it can do!

At the press of a button…

It reclines! Haha!

Being the movie buffs that we are, we spend almost 80% of our lives sitting here watching movies. So the first thing we had to change was none other than the couch!

We always fancy the luxurious settings at Golden Village’s Gold Class theatres hence, we decided to use their space as a reference for our own.

Grey always amps up the cosy feel of the room so we chose a grey electric reclining sofa and paired it with these plush pillows we got from Big Box and D’Galleria.

The space still looks a little plain, don’t you think?

It’s time to switch the style factor up a notch!

Added this cool black shaggy rug from Big Box which fitted our room like a glove!


Not too bad for our first #Bobblianahome DIY project eh?

This is not all. We’re hoping to update all the fixtures, lightings and appliances eventually.

Our plans include – creating a Dolby Atmos home theatre, get a convertible dining/pool table, build a fireplace and many many more!

Can’t forget – also styling the ultimate Girl Cave! Haha!

This is going to be so exciting!

I’ll be showing you other parts of the house such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom in due course so please stick around!

P.S. If you’re in the renovation business and would love to embark on this new journey with us, we’re more than happy to welcome you onboard. Drop me an email at and we can discuss more!

Alright, gotta go back to home decor researching with HGTV! 😛

For instant snippets of our new home, follow this tag #Bobblianahome on Instagram.

Have fun!

Your friend, Juliana


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