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Bifesta Bloggers Party

Cupcakes anyone?

Two weeks ago, I attended Bifesta’s Product Launch in my capacity as a review blogger.

Man was I excited!

It was a ‘Bloggers Party’ organized by the renowned Japanese cosmetics brand, Bifesta.

Here’s a brief background of this incredible brand.

Bifesta was previously known as ‘Cleansing Express’ and it is owned by Beauty Care behemoth, Mandom (they created Gatsby).

They are best known as Japan’s first water-based makeup remover brand.

Here’s their star product.

“BI” means 美 or Beauty in Japanese while “FESTA” is an abbreviation of Festival. Together, BIFESTA means Beauty Festival, a celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieved quickly, easily and joyfully with effective, fuss-free makeup removal.

So here I am. All ready for my first blogger event!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a delicious spread of popiah, crabsticks, eclairs and….


Cupcakes by ‘Kiss Me Heroine Make’.

Moving on from the cupcakes galore, I saw a familiar face.

The man who popularized the Gatsby brand with his killer looks – Takuya Kimura.


Spotted! The wide range of beauty products…

And then I got distracted by the scenery.

I love skyscraper views… Ok sorry! Focus!

The newly launched products.

Notice the two cute bright colored(pink and orange) bottles? They are Lucidol’s latest hair products known as hair supplements. (The bottles are in the shape of a medicine tablet! Uber cute!)

The pink one is for straight hair while the orange is for permed hair.

I was given the pink bottle to try.

It prevents tangles and helps maintain straight, silky and smooth hair.

If I don’t perm my hair anytime now, I should be able to do a review on this baby soon. 😛

There were many exciting products such as mascaras, eyeliners, hair supplements, cleansing oil, etc.

I also made new friends with fellow bloggers, fellow hot bloggers to be exact.

I’ve pictures to prove it!



Me, Irene and Kimberly.

Hot new friends! 😀

Moving on to workshop proper…

We were presented with the ‘Kiss Me Heroine Make’ cosmetics series from Mandom.

Yes. The face on the cupcake was that of the mascot’s.

Then we were introduced to Heroine Make’s key make up artists, Ms Sayuri Igarashi and Ms Sayaka Kondo who flew here all the way from Japan! *honored*

I didn’t realize that Kondo San was looking directly at my camera after I saw this picture. Anyway, very alluring eyes. I bet it’s Heroine Make mascara working its magic.

During the session, Igarashi san shared many useful tips on the best ways to use Heroine Make’s make up as well as the latest trends in Japan’s make up world.

Igarashi san looking all proud of her products. 😀

We were also treated to a goodie bag of Bifesta products, including Heroine Make’s best sellers.

During the presentation, Igarashi san emphasized the importance of applying mascara while looking at a slanted mirror (see below). She claimed that this would make application much easier.

On the other hand, Kondo san was doing a makeover with Heroine’s cosmetics on some of the pretty bloggers, including Zoe Raymond.

During the demonstration, we were also given products to try. One of them is the Proof Eye tape, which creates double eyelids.

I’ve never tried double eyelid tapes before so I had a hard time placing them on my eyelids. 🙁

Soon I gave up and started playing with it.

I pulled it (See picture below) and realized that it’s extremely elastic!

Then we were told that this is an elastic, fiber-like tape that is flexible enough to follow the curve and contours of our eyelids. Fantastic product I must say.

Then the event culminated with an “Award Show”.

The Mandom Singapore office staff gave their Japanese counterparts Barbequed Pork (Bak Kwa) as an appreciation gift for their fantastic presentation.

These were all the freebies I received that day.

I’m most interested in this product – Eyelash Serum.

The product contains a concentrated oil-rich formula that makes eyelashes fuller and healthier.

This is the current state of my lashes.

It is pretty sparse. So hopefully, the eyelash serum will improve its condition.

I’ll review the outcome later!

If you would also like to try out Bifesta’s amazing products, you can now do so by simply filling in your particulars in Bifesta’s Facebook Page and you’ll be entitled to a generous 30ml free sample of their cleansing lotion sebum.

The password to redeem is Honeyz.

In the meantime, have some cupcakes!

Your friend, Juliana


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