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Bid Hair Fall Adieu With TK TrichoKare’s Customised Scalp Treatments

Healthy scalp, healthy hair, healthy life!

As some of you may have realized, I’ve been on something of a beauty hiatus of late.

Of course, there are merits to giving yourself a beauty breather once in a while, to rejuvenate mind and body. However, my beauty hiatus is far from a self imposed detox.

I’ve been busy running my humble little photo studio, moving home, renovating, redecorating and living out of a shoebox for the last two months. Combine this with a terrible diet of speedy foods, no exercise, no skin care and you’d be forgiven for thinking I was preparing my look for Halloween! 🙁

When TK TrichoKare suggested I pay them a visit for one of their specialty scalp treatments, I jumped at the opportunity! It was indeed what my scalp and mane had been screaming out for. Haha!

Now follow me on my little scalp care journey at TrichoKare. 🙂


TK TrichoKare

Upon my arrival I was greeted by an exquisite European styled interior and could not help notice the numerous awards and accolades adorning their walls. I was already impressed and the treatment hadn’t even started yet.



TrichoKare take their scalp care business very seriously, so the first step towards a healthy happy scalp is a consult with one of their trichologists.

What’s trichology you may ask?

Trichology is in fact a specialized branch of dermatology dealing specifically with the health of your hair and scalp.

A certified trichologist will take a holistic approach by not only analyzing your scalp and hair, but also analyzing your diet, health and lifestyle to get to the ‘root’ cause of the problem.

So if scalp and hair health is your real area of concern, then you bet you want to find yourself a certified trichologist especially one as experienced as TrichoKare.

TrichoKare go one step further by ensuring they only use premium European herbs and products manufactured to the most stringent of criteria and void of harsh chemicals to ensure your head receives nothing but the nourishment it craves.

They’ve been in the business for more than ten years and as you can imagine, to last this long, you must be doing something right!

They are recognized by all our favourite magazines (Her World, Elle, Harper’s BAZAAR and Women’s Weekly) for their customized and industry leading treatments.


As you can imagine, I was already looking forward to being able to wear my invisible crown on a lovely mane instead of the birds nest I’d been sporting on my head for last few months.

Here I am in their cozy consultation room with my friendly trichologist, the lovely Pooja Chhabra who gave me a very in depth analysis of my scalp.


She used macrophotography technology to take super-closeup photos of my scalp and hair follicles.


The photos revealed some quite noticeable red patches on my scalp as well as tiny white flakes.



Pooja explained that due to my health, these were likely signs of inflammation. I may have been over producing white blood cells, our natural immune defense system, leading to the subsequent accelerated aging of my skin and build of dead cells which she was kind enough to show me on my scalp photos. Yikes!


Her experience allowed her to almost immediately diagnose that I was under a significant amount of stress with all that was going on in my life.

Her advice, go on holiday! Nah, I wish!

She of course helped me to understand how important stress can be both to your emotional and physical wellbeing, but she also suggested that I might benefit from Omega fish oils and of course, better hydration.

Pooja then went onto recommend treatment with SRE (Scalp Rebalancing Essence) based on her specialist opinion of my condition. A soothing mask consisting of citrus and lavender extracts, ideal for aging, cleansing and soothing of an itchy irritable scalp.

My treatment would then continue with a massage incorporating a special tonic containing aloe vera and then subsequently proceed to infra-red therapy to improve blood circulation to my scalp as well as exert an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect.

I was then lead to the treatment area where I met my therapist, Bernice who carried out the treatments recommended by Pooja earlier.



And here’s Bernice working her magic on my troubled scalp.


After a calming scalp mask treatment, we proceed to this equally aesthetically pleasing looking washing bay to rinse off the mask.


Here comes my most favorite part – the massage!


Nope.We’re not re-enacting any scene from Alien Resurrection. Haha!

In fact, we were trying to reanimate my problematic scalp with an infra-red therapy to improve blood circulation to my scalp.


The soothing aromas of herbs and jasmine, as well as Bernice’s skillful massage, literally helped to ease away the tension headache which had been embracing my head since that morning.

I could feel my spirit energy being lifted like a dance in the moonlight mist. Aaah…

Afterwards not only did my scalp feel rejuvenated but surprisingly, so did the rest of me!

I met Pooja for my post treatment analysis. Not only did my scalp feel less itchy, my repeat scalp photos showed a visible reduction in the level of redness and inflammation that even I could see.


But of course looking good in a photo is one thing, how did it actually feel?

It felt really great I tell you! Think how you feel after getting a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist or when you finally bring your car for that much needed car wash.

My scalp felt clean and fresh, like it could actually breathe again. My hair fall problems also visibly reduced  after the first treatment.

Seeing the trichologist definitely helped, but you don’t need to be a trichologist yourself to appreciate the noticeable results.

In just one session, the improvement was already visible and palpable, but nonetheless, Pooja recommended that to achieve and sustain the best results, it would be best for me to go for approximately another seven to eight sessions. I was pleasantly surprised by this specification for the number of treatments I would need based on Pooja’s experience, as I have unfortunately encountered salons before recommending life long treatments that may or may not be necessary.

I was also surprised to learn that my scalp was not dry as I had always thought, but in fact quite oily. It simply felt dry, itchy and flaky due in part to my stress and poor hydration status.

Pooja helped me understand how the condition of your hair can be a key indicator of your overall health and well being.


So brittle and fragile hair, better start thinking beyond just your scalp!

Wow – not only did I feel great but I also felt so much more well informed about my scalp and hair care needs.

Thank you Bernice and Pooja for your warm hospitality and of course, also for taking time out from your hair saving duties to help me take these photos. I couldn’t ask for better service from these guys.



Extra Extra! Read All About It!

Haha! Yup. Here’s a special ‘Extra’ for you belles, courtesy of the good folks at TrichoKare.

Would you like to experience the goodness of TrichoKare’s award-winning treatments too? Your personal scalp fairy godmothers are just a click away.

Make an appointment HERE to enjoy TrichoKare’s Hair Fall Prevention Treatment at $39 only.

Psst! First 20 readers to sign up for the trial treatment will receive a free home care kit worth a whopping $170 in total!

To find out more about TrichoKare, visit their website at and their FB Page at

Are you a victim of scalp problems too? How did you treat those nasty symptoms? Share with me by commenting below. I would love to hear from you!

Your friend, Juliana


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