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Beauty Review: Rachel K Mineral CC cream

CC Cream – An upgraded version of the BB cream.

Yay or nay?

Introducing one of the most popular and hyped beauty product in Asia – The Color Control Cream (CC Cream)!

So what is a CC cream?

It is the enhanced version of the BB cream and it delivers more benefits (than the BB cream) that includes: color control, oil control, whitening, moisturizing, brightening and even sun protection!

So what is the difference between the BB cream and the CC cream?

BB cream is short for Blemish Balm cream and it was initially prescribed to patients who underwent laser procedures and surgery to protect their skin while also providing light coverage.

With those amazing skin healing and concealing properties, the BB cream eventually reigns as most popular beauty product in Asia and touted as one of the greatest beauty inventions.

This led to the development of the CC cream which is a refined version of the BB cream. Not only does it offer more benefits than the BB cream, it also acts adequately as a foundation that evens out our skin tone and as a vitamin skin booster that feeds our skin with Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


Vitamin C brightens and whitens skin too!

Actually, this CC cream craze was brought to my attention by a Honeyz Belle from Spain a month ago. She raved about the amazing Rachel K CC cream and recommended that I try it too. I frown upon tedious make up routines and I thought this divine all-in-one foundation might finally give me the “easy way out”. So my knee jerk reaction was to GET IT IMMEDIATELY.

I bought the Rachel K CC cream in neutral shade due to my yellow undertones.

After all those rave reviews, I’m curious to find out if the CC cream deserves a Honeyz Gold Label.

Are you too?

Wait no further! Read my review to find out!

My Rachel K CC Cream Review

I’ve only tried one BB cream and that is Odbo’s Protection BB cream. I did not like its watery texture as the beige liquid tend to drip everywhere.

Surprisingly, the texture of the CC cream is thicker than the Odbo BB cream.

I like the thick texture as it is easier to apply to the skin. No more messy foundation on my palms and clothes.

Even though the texture is thick, the CC cream blends well to my skin, almost like second skin, and gives my skin a dewy finish.

This is me with CC cream on only.

The CC cream has oxidized to match my skin tone and I thought I looked like I wasn’t wearing any make up at all. Even though it did not cover the imperfections well, but I was happy that it evened out my skin tone and healed my pimples.

I know that because I used the CC cream as a concealer for my pimples. One time, I applied the Rachel K CC cream on my freshly popped pimple (a sinful act I know) and after a couple hours, the pimple dried up. This is shocking to me as the usual ramifications of that (pimple and foundation) is a bigger and angrier looking pimple.

However, the CC cream did not cure my oily complexion look. My face looked buttery after a couple of hours due to the combined effects of CC cream and oil secretion. To avoid this problem, I pat on some loose powder after I apply the cream.

Rachel K claimed that the CC cream is water-proof but it was clearly not. I went swimming with CC cream on and the product vanished from my face after a mere 10 minutes. How I know? I wiped my face with a tissue and there was no trace of the foundation on it. I guess this CC cream is not cut out for a Honeyz Gold Label after all.

Despite these downers, I still think the Rachel K CC cream is a pretty amazing product. These days, it only takes me 10 minutes to put on my make up. All thanks to the Hada Labo UV Milk and this CC cream!

3.5 Honeyz crowns!

I bought my Rachel K CC cream at SGD 29.90 at Watsons Singapore.

But you can try it for free here!


If you think CC cream is the end of the story, you’re so wrong! I just found out that DD cream is out in the market already!


So what do you think of CC creams? Yay or nay?

Your friend, Juliana



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