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Beauty Review: Glitz Hairworkz’s Scalp Detox Treatment

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Are hair loss, balding and dandruff problems bugging you?

We all know these could be caused by an unhealthy scalp but the real problem is – do you know how to fix the damaged scalp?

Well, hair care veteran Glitz Hairworkz might have the solution to your infuriating scalp issues. Introducing Scalp Detox Treatment that promises to help you regain your crown and confidence this CNY.

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Our scalp affects the way our hair looks and long-term use of hairstyling products can lead to clogged follicles that can cause severe hair loss problems. Besides reducing chemical treatments, using good shampoo and employing proper hair washing techniques, regular detoxification treatments are also essential to maintain the good condition of our hair.

So a few weeks ago, I visited Glitz Hairworkz at TripleOne Somerset to try their signature Scalp Detox Treatment, hoping to cleanse my follicles and wake my sleeping hair up. :p

On the day of the treatment, I arrived 20 minutes late for my appointment (shame on me) but I was still greeted with friendly smiles at Glitz Hairworkz.

And I was also immediately served a nice pot of tea and some magazines to help me relax and zone out for my treatment. Talk about good service!

This was my hair condition before the treatment…

According to Kelvin (Style Director of Glitz Hairworkz), my scalp is healthy and normal (phew!) so I do not have to do this treatment too often. He recommends clients who are plagued by an oily scalp, dandruff and stress to do the treatment once a month or twice a month (if the problem is more severe). Results should be evident after 6 to 12 sessions.

My treatment began with the application of Detoplus 1 hair serum from Revivre Exence Aromatherapy.

The product contains natural essential oils and Vitamin E. Kelvin ensures that the products he uses for the treatment are chemical-free and organic to maintain the good effects of the treatment.

He also emphasized that his products are made up of smaller molecules (as compared to other detox products) so the goodness of the products can penetrate more easily into the scalp. This will lead to quicker and more visible results.

After 10 minutes, Sally (my hair stylist of the day) gently massaged the Revivre Exence Aromatherapy Shampoo Enfant Detox to deeply purify and nourish the scalp.

The shampoo has a light and delicate herb scent that produces a soothing and relaxing sensation on my scalp. Luurrrve it!

To make sure my scalp absorbs the nutrients of the shampoo, it was left on my scalp for an additional 10 minutes before rinsing.

I’m a bunhead too! Haha!

The rinsing process was an enormous pleasure with the combination of Sally’s therapeutic head massage and the relaxing scent of the shampoo.

Sally massaged my head for a good ten minutes with the Revivre Exence Aromatherapy Sinergia Detox hair conditioner to get rid of hair build-up and residue.


I was actually suffering from a slight migraine before the treatment began and at this point of the treatment, I could feel the pain subsiding already. 😀

After rinsing, Sally squirted some Revivre Exence Aromatherapy Balm PH3 Relax on my scalp to smoothen my hair and calm the scalp. The product also prevents and calms down an itchy scalp.

The nozzle of Balm PH3 Relax.

Sally applying Balm PH3 Relax on my scalp.

Thereafter, with a wave of her curling wand, Sally turned my hair into this…

Haha! It’s no surprise that I love my new tousled waves! Sally is a hairstyling genius!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for more treatments.

The 2-hour Glitz Hairworkz Scalp Detox Treatment is priced at SGD98 per session. Long-term treatment packages are available too.

For more information, visit their website at or like the Glitz Hairworkz FB page for the latest promotions and updates on their services.

They are located at 111 Somerset Road TripleOne Somerset #02-18/19/20, Singapore 238164. You may contact them for an appointment at +65 6820 0789.

And now we all know the secret to beautiful and voluminous tresses. 😛

Thanks Kelvin and Sally for the great hospitality and wonderful treatment!

From left to right: Sally, me and Kelvin

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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