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Beauty Review: Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment

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A new year is upon us and for our beauty-loving souls, beauty resolutions abound too.

How’s this for a resolution – a gorgeous and flawless back.

Sounds improbable? No way! This season, AsterSpring introduces its Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment that promises to help you get your sexy back in no time.

Now who says resolutions have to be guilt-inducing and unattainable?

Due to the large pores on my skin, I’ve been plagued by pimples all my life. And to add to the misery, even my back is not spared. It suffers occasional acne breakouts and is mildly scarred by post-acne marks.

Here’s a photo of the current condition.

So I was ecstatic when AsterSpring (previously known as Leonard Drake Skin Care & Health Spa) invited me to try their Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment that specifically targets back acne.

The high-end beauty and spa incumbent is well known for their highly effective facial treatments, so I was very glad to learn that they are bringing their expertise to the next level by promoting clear skin on the backs too.

I visited the AsterSpring outlet at Clementi Mall and upon arrival, I noticed the gigantic posters, rows of beauty products and classy fluorescent lighted reception desk that is complemented by beautiful warm smiles. I must say this combination created a nice haven of calm, comfort and luxury.

And of course, the salon boasts the famous and fabulous skincare line Dermalogica.

Here I am accompanied by my beauty therapist of the afternoon, Ann who will be administering the treatment too.

AsterSpring Beauty Consultant Ann and I.

And here is my “chamber” where the transformation will take place – from unsightly rear view to bare-worthy back. 😛

Before the treatment commenced, Ann explained the benefits and what the treatment entailed.

In summary, this advanced full back acne treatment is specially formulated for those who desire an ultra-radiant and smooth complexion on their back. Skin is thoroughly cleansed before an Aesthetics Full Back Exfoliation machine works on the back to exfoliate dead skin cells. The exfoliation process helps to lighten uneven skin tone and texture and also to refine pores.

Ann explained that this process is known as Aesthipeel and it seeks to exfoliate the skin in the most gentle and safe manner.

Thereafter, light extraction is administered to clear skin of impurities and acne. The treatment ends with a deep cleansing masque and antiseptic ray to regulate sebum production and prevent future skin breakouts.

Here’s what you can possibly get out of this treatment:

  1. Smoother skin on the back with less acne

  2. Refined skin pores

  3. Lightens marks and reduce the appearance of scars

  4. Ease congestion and provides better oil control

  5. A healthy and radiant-looking back

The treatment lasted for a good 70 minutes…

… and tadah! I survived the treatment unscathed.

Okay. Maybe a little scathed. The red marks are effects of the extraction process.

But don’t worry, they go away after a couple of days.

Here’s my back two days after the treatment.

I thought my back looked clearer and felt smoother. No more irky bumps due to blackheads. 😀

Even though my back is still not in the ‘flawless category’, I still thank God and AsterSpring for its significant improvement.

According to Ann, I’ll need at least three more treatments to attain that desirable radiant back. Well, patience is a virtue so I’ll just wait patiently for the three treatments to be over before I say hello to a back worthy of envy!

The thoughtful Ann also gave me these after-treatment products to maintain and hopefully also improve the condition of my skin.

From left to right: Tri-Active Cleanse, Body Hydrating Cream and Overnight Clearing Gel.

Rev up your beauty regimen with AsterSpring’s Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment too!

Priced at SGD200, the treatment is available at:

– The Centrepoint – Plaza Singapura – Sembawang Shopping Centre – White Sands (Pasir Ris) – NEX (Serangoon) – The Clementi Mall

For full details, check out their website at

Finally, I’m signing off with this video. 😛

Oh yeah!

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Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the services and products were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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