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Beauty Review: Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat


Convenient? Checked!

Functional?? Checked!

Hygienic??? Double checked!

That’s right ladies, I am referring to none other than the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat!

Liquid foundation is a hot favorite amongst millions of women as it makes our skin look luminous, yet natural looking when applied.

But how do you ensure that your liquid foundation is blended evenly?

There are many different ways to apply liquid foundation. I guess the most common practice is to dab the foundation on your face with your fingers.

Well… This method is convenient but inadequate as it usually results in an uneven looking skin tone or an overdone look. This method is also very unhygienic as the millions of germs that are lurking under our nails and fingers may be transferred to our face.

The foundation is the base of your makeup. So adequately setting the foundation will have you looking impeccably flawless and polished and it will also help you stay that way longer.

So what are the other options?

Besides our fingers, we may also use sponges and brushes for our foundation application.

Even though these makeup tools produce a more even and dewy finish, I’m a larger fan of a recent discovery – Enprani’s motorized foundation applicators.

Confused? See video below!

Yes. This is the latest beauty sensation that has taken the K-town beautyland by storm.

The foundation applicator (Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat) vibrates 4,500 times per minute to ensure that the liquid foundation is spread evenly on the skin. The team at Enprani believes that these microvibrations produces a smoother and more even finish, while creating softer skin over time.

Hygiene fans are going to rejoice too because this means you will not have to worry about transferring germs from the hands to the face and getting foundation all over your hands again!

Here’s a mini demonstration.

I squirted some foundation on the foundation pad.

The applicator has two power levels. So I used the higher power on my cheeks and forehead and lower power on my eye, nose and lips area.

I switched on the higher power and the foundation immediately flow down slightly as shown below. So I highly recommend you to eject only a small amount of foundation each time to prevent the liquid from dripping off the machine.

Here we go!

I applied my foundation with Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat on the right side of my face and with my fingers on my left.

Here were the results…

With the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat, my large pores were instantly concealed and my skin tone looked revitalized and radiant.

Usually, my foundation will start streaking after a couple of hours but the good set has prevented my foundation from sliding too early by blending it evenly onto my skin. So I had a dewy and fresh look for hours! The vibrating action had also made me feel more awake which consequently energized my dull looking complexion.

Besides a smoother and cleaner foundation application, the applicator also acts as a face masseur to give your skin that added softness and smooth texture. You may also use the machine to apply your moisturizers and night creams. The vibrating motion will help moisturizers penetrate deeply into the skin layers for maximum hydration.

Do this by simply replacing the foundation puff with a clean puff.

Do not worry about buying extra puffs as the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat not only comes with an applicator, it also consists of one bottle foundation 15ml, one tube foundation 15ml, 5 puffs and 2 AA batteries.

And all these at only SGD138! It’s a steal I tell you!

Enpani Face Designer Auto Pat and Perfect One Foundation

The Enprani Face Designer Foundation is a 6-in-1 product : makeup base, whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection, foundation. It contains honey, daisy flower and antioxidants to help moisturize and protect the skin.

Its applicator head allows you to apply the foundation on your face before spreading it with the Face Designer Auto Pat.

Amazing isn’t it?

To get your hands on this great product, visit or call Noel at +65 91066601.

You may also visit the following stores to try these exciting motorized applicators.

Hide &Seek 71 Bussorah Street Singapore 199484

Charme 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #04-105 Singapore 228213


The girls at CLEO Singapore will also be featuring the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat in their November issue so look out for it!

Get photo ready with Enprani’s Face Designer Auto Pat!

Your friend, Juliana



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