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Beauty Review: Clover by the Spa Hair Removal by Happybox

Sponsored Review

Ran out of gift ideas?

Try Happybox – the experiential gift box that is packed to the brim with gourmet delights and wonderful beauty surprises for your loved ones!

Happybox is the next generation of gifting.

It eliminates the guess-work out of gift-giving by compiling a delightful selection of activities within a given theme in each happy box for ‘your special someone’ to choose from.

Each happy box is presented in a luxurious-looking gift box featuring a full color guidebook of each activity and a gift card (which covers the entire cost of the activity) for redemption.

There are two main categories in the Happybox, and they are Beauty Delights (as shown above) and Wine & Dine.

The Beauty Delights happy box features 30 pampering treats from 17 beauty partners that your recipient can choose from.

Similarly, the Wine & Dine happy box allows your recipient to dine with another at one of Singapore’s top restaurants.

And guess what?

The kind folks at Happybox sent me a Beauty Delights happy box too!


There were so many amazing beauty services in the guidebook that I found it hard to pick just one!

Finally, I chose Clover by the Spa’s Clover Signature Massage. 🙂


Because Clover by the Spa is a fully accredited beauty salon and has been in the spa and skin care business for five years. It provides a broad range of services specialising in top range PTF permanent laser hair removal and waxing, facial therapies catered to each individual’s skin type, eyelash and nail services, sports and aromatherapy massages.

Most importantly, all their equipment are fully sterilised before and after each visit and they only use quality Dermalogica* products and massage oil for their beauty treatments.

* Dermalogica is a leading line of skin-care products designed by The International Dermal Institute.

Well, here’s the bad news…

On the day of the treatment, I was informed by Happybox that their signature massage service was not available.

But the better news was, Clover by the Spa has offered to let me choose any treatment on their spa menu as a compensatory gesture of goodwill. Yes, any treatment which includes services that are not in the Happybox menu!

Moved by their good service, I happily agreed to the offer and chose the GSD PTF Permanent Laser Hair Removal for full legs (Originally priced at SGD280).

So here I am at Clover by the Spa at The Central at Clarke Quay.

Upon arrival, I was served a nice hot cup of tea by Jas and Kenneth of Clover by the Spa.

While sipping tea, I explored the salon.

The interior of the salon was styled in Edwardian with modern chandeliers and sleek European furnishings (my fave!).

Then I was ushered into the room by Jas, the owner of Clover by the Spa.

The dimly lit room smelled sweetly of flowers with faint strains of Chinese classical music in the background.

The spacious room also has convenient shower facilities so customers don’t have to go into another room to take a shower after treatments.

Finally, please allow me to introduce to you – the ‘wonder maker’.

This is the GSD PTF machine and it is mostly found in dermatologists and skin clinics. It supercedes the traditional laser IPL commonly used in beauty salons in that the intensity and treatment mode is specially catered to the individual’s skin condition.

I lay on the bed as Jas removed the sunblock on my legs before the treatment began proper.

Laser treatments are well known to be highly effective and…


So I was extremely nervous before my treatment. No kidding, you should have seen the sweaty palms.

Jas assured me that she would take care of me and we chatted before the treatment to distract me from my nerves.

Well, the beautiful chandelier and cottage interior also eased the nerves a little.

Before the treatment began, I was told to wear eye protection to protect my eyes from the laser beams.

And here goes!

Jas gently blast the laser on my leg to destroy the hair follicles.

The treatment felt surprisingly okay and the light burning sensation on my skin was bearable too.

The strength of the laser beam is given on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest). Of course the “pain scale” has a direct relationship with the strength scale. So throughout the treatment, Jas alternated between 2 and 3 for my legs. Any higher would be too much for my poor legs to bear.

Jas periodically checked if I was okay or if I needed to lower the strength of the beam (so I knew I was in good hands).

The laser treatment ended after a mere 30 minutes and I was served another nice cup of tea.

Just when I thought this was the end of my Happybox experience, Jas gave me some Dermalogica products for my cousin and me to try!

Yes, you read it right for my cousin too. Let me explain…

During one of the ‘distraction’ conversations, I mentioned that my cousin is a huge fan of Dermalogica and has been using their products for ages. Jas remembered this and gave me these before I left.

How thoughtful. 😀

And I know you belles can’t wait to see the results.

Here are some ‘before and after’ photos of the hair on my legs.

On the thighs



On the knees Before This photo was taken immediately after the treatment, and the hair ends on my knee curled slightly due to the heat of the laser.

After Curled hair fell off and hair on legs became finer.

Even though the hair on my legs are not totally eradicated, I am happy with the results of the first treatment. I believe with multiple treatments, I’ll be able to achieve smooth and hairless legs. All in all, I had a great experience at Clover by the Spa. I love the French theme of the salon, the effectiveness of the treatment and the excellent service. Psst! Jas texted me an hour after the treatment to thank me for my visit and support and a few days later, texted again to ask if the hair on my leg has fallen off.

Talk about exceptional service!

4 Honeyz crowns!

Here’s the price list of the Hair Removal Package for your reference.

Clover by the Spa is located at:

6 Eu Tong Sen Road, The Central @ Clarke Quay, #04-66. Singapore 059817 (Located above Clarke Quay MRT, opposite Merchant Court Hotel)

Note: The spa is situated close to No Signboard restaurant.

To book an appointment, contact them at (65) 6536 6966

Opening hours: Everyday including public holidays from 11am to 9pm.

The Happybox is a great idea especially for lousy gifters like me. No more racking of brains for gift ideas or making awkward gift-giving mistakes.

Instead, every gift is going to struck a chord in my receiver’s heart! Haha!

Finally, here’s my verdict of the Happybox.

The concept?


The experience?


The result?

Beyond expectations.

For more information on the Happybox, visit their website at or Facebook Page.

Gift shopping has never been better!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.


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