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Beauty Review: Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Sponsored Review

Go from this… to this at Aqua Hair Korean Salon!

I can’t stop ogling at the lustrous locks of pretty Korean models and actresses that I see in magazines, TV and the internet.

Can you?

See what I mean?

To top it off, these girls always have a nice shade of brown voluminous hair!

I’ve had dark hair for the longest time, but I’ve often contemplated letting my hair color go lighter. The color change does not have to be a dramatic one, a subtle color boost from black to chocolate brown is enough to satisfy my need for change.

Hmm.. it seems like I need a KOREAN hair makeover. And the ideal place to do it?

Aqua Hair Korean Salon at Delfie Orchard of course!

Aqua Hair Korean Salon houses a team of Korean professional hair stylists who are up to date with the latest Korean hair trends and, eager to design a hair cut and color that not only fits your lifestyle but matches your personality and sense of fashion too.

Located in the heart of the Lion City, the salon is a stone’s throw away from Orchard MRT.

If you haven’t been to Delfie Orchard, this is how the mall looks like.

It is less crowded compared to the rest of Orchard Road. Great for lazy weekend shopping!

Take the escalator to the 3rd floor and turn to your left. The salon is located on the far left.

And here we are!

I was greeted by the sweet girls at the salon, namely Emily, Sophia and Angela.

From left to right: Emily, Sophia and Angela.

There was also Janus whom I never got a chance to take a photo of. Always busy!

This is the only photo I have of her.

So I started to explore the spacious salon.

The place is tidy and equipped with boredom killers such as TV…

and Korean fashion magazines!

They have a wide selection of hair colors…

… as well as hair care products.

Then I was introduced to Emily – the hair magician who is going to transform my boring black hair into tousled brown waves.

Emily just moved here from Seoul so she does not understand our Singlish accent that well. But no worries, you’re still going to get your winning hair style because the rest of the girls have been working in the salon for some time and they are always willing to do the translation for you.

My belongings were kept safe in an assigned locker and locker keys were also handed to me.

Before the big revamp…

Usually salons serve tap water or if I’m lucky, a nice cup of hot tea.

Guess what, I was served a MEAL by the Aqua Hair girls before my hair cut!

And snacks too!

Talk about good service!

Then Emily presented the star of the day – the hair color palette. *big smile*

I deliberated over the hair color palette before finally choosing this for my crowning glory.

Emily prepared the hair dye mixture with the L’Oreal Professionnel Majilift Beauty Colouring Cream.

This was my hairdo before any work was done.

Back view

Side view

Let the work begin!

The cheerful girls were always chatting with customers and among themselves and having fun at the salon.

It is great to be in a happy environment like this – good for relaxing and making new friends!

Emily placed the hood dryer over my head while applying the hair color on my hair.

Pretty interesting way of application.

The hood is as cute as a heart! ❤

Then I waited…

The hair dye did not stink of Ammonia by the way.

Ear caps were provided to keep dye away from my ears.

Shortly after taking the two photos above, I was told that waiting time was over and I can head to the sink to rinse my hair.

The hood dryer hastened the drying process. I think I waited for less than 10 minutes.

Emily gave me a relaxing scalp massage during the hair wash.

She applied different massage techniques with different products. i.e. shampoo, conditioner. She scrubbed my scalp with the pads of her fingers when she used the shampoo and gave me a traditional head massage when she applied the conditioner.

Time to time, Emily thoughtfully asked if I was ok with the strength. I like a massage with much strength and precision so her usual strength is great for me. If you’re not into a strong massage, just ask for a lighter one. 🙂

Then she wrapped my dripping wet hair like a Korean ajumma!

Before she dried my hair, she placed a warm towel on the back of my neck and massaged it.


Then she applied leave-in conditioner, L’Oreal Thermo Cell Repair to condition and protect the hair cuticles before blow drying them.

Emily used two hair dryers!

Curling in progress!

Emily left the brush on my head to help the curls stay longer. Haha!

Check out my latest hair accessory!

After a mere 2.5 hours, I’m done!


Back view.

Side view.

I love my new hairstyle!

The curls made me look so feminine and I thought I adopted a more girly demeanor (with the way I walked and talked) that afternoon. Haha!

Thank you Emily!

It’s been four days and I washed my hair thrice.

The color got lighter and this is how it looks like now.

Finding the perfect hair stylist can be a pretty liberating experience. As you may already know, it is not easy to find a stylist who understands you enough to give you a hairstyle that matches up to your preference and style.

And I’ve already found my perfect stylist in Aqua Hair Korean Salon. They offered first class service and a great hairstyle that I really adore.

Overall, a satisfying salon experience for me.

Thank you girls!

I’ll definitely be back!

The Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony is taking place in 2 weeks and I’m already thinking of engaging Emily as my stylist for the function!

Wanna rock out in a K-pop inspired hairdo too?

Make an appointment with Aqua Hair Korean Salon!

Call them at 6732 8011.

They are located at,

402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #03-17 Singapore 238876

Opening hours:

Tue – Fri: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

For more information, visit the Aqua Hair Korean Salon Facebook Page.

Put your best “hair” forward with Aqua Hair Korean Salon today! 😛

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.


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