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Beauty Bags are Passe, Snack Boxes are the new Queen Bee!

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Snack monsters are gonna rejoice at this next announcement – a snack-filled sampler bag has just descended from food heaven and its name – Greedy Chimp!

You bet this hungry little ape loves his grub and is dying to share his toothsome loot with you.

Experience the euphoria with me as I unpack my very first Greedy Chimp bag in this latest episode of Dash of Honeyz!

Here’s a rundown of all the snacks that were in my Greedy Chimp bag!

Purence Dew Water

What better way to protect yourself from the summer heat than to hydrate yourself with water as clear as morning dew?

Purence Dew is free from inorganic minerals, heavy metals, and pesticides that are harmful to the body.

Inorganic minerals can cause heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

Purence Dew helps our body to fight against cholesterol, atherosclerosis and constipation.

Where to get it? Available at Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest, Cold Storage,

From S$1.95 – S$2.10

How much? From S$1.95 – S$2.10

Candies aplenty!

iGen Sugar Free Mints

Keep your breath minty fresh all throughout summer with these sugar-free mints. Choose from zesty strawberry or the freshest double mint.

Where to get it? Available at Cheers, Fairprice Xpress.

How much? S$2.20 per tin

Morinaga Choco Balls

Perfect sized for popping, these chocolate coated balls hide a little flavour surprise on the inside. Choose from peanut, caramel or strawberry filling.

Where to get it? Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp. Email to place your order!

How much? S$2.50 per box

Jelfy Hello Kitty Gummy Candy

These gummies come in juicy flavours that add a sweet, citrus punch to your snack inventory.

Gum gum – yum yum!

Where to get it? Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp. Email to place your order!

How much? S$1.80 per packet

Troo Freeze Dried Banana As emphasized in the video, this is a killer. And that’s not the end of its list of merits, each bag carries only 105 calories! That’s almost like eating a piece of white bread, except it’s tastier. 😛

Go bananas with this healthy and nutritious snack, freeze dried for your convenience.

Bananas are quickly freeze-dried at temperatures below -40 degrees Celcius, which allows the nutrients to be preserved for long durations.

This snack is made with real fruits, with no added preservatives and no allergy-triggering soybean, peanut, buckwheat and egg.

Where to get it? Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp. Email to place your order!

How much? S$6.50 for a pack

Nongshim Champong Spicy Cuttlefish Premium Noodle Soup

The little chimp is all out to tickle your tastebuds with this delicious MSG-free instant noodles.

New on the market! Indulge in the robust flavor of these thick and chewy Champong Spicy Premium Noodles.

Satisfy your blazing summer hunger pangs with this yummy quick fix!

Where to get it? Available at all major supermarkets.

How much? S$5.25 for a pack of 4.

And if that wasn’t piquant enough for you, try this next snack instead!

Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed

My nose exploded almost immediately after I stuffed the seaweed into my mouth. The burning sensation lasted only a while though leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Send the summer heat through your nose with this wasabi-seasoned pack of crunchy seaweed that is thinly sliced for easy enjoyment.

Also available in Original.

Where to get it? Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp. Email to place your order!

How much?

S$4.95 for a pack of 6.

Also click on photo for a quick video demonstration on how you can enjoy the HotChocSpoon (found in my Greedy Chimp May bag) to the fullest!

Subscribe to Greedy Chimp!

This spanking bag of goodies is available at SGD14.90 every month or SGD44.70 every three months.

Visit Greedy Chimp’s website at view all the subscription options and like their Facebook page at for the latest Chimp activity!

As mentioned in the video, Greedy Chimp will be available on Honeyz Cube soon so watch out for it!

Meanwhile, stay up to date with the latest snack discoveries at because the Chimp knows best. 😛

Your friend, Juliana Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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