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Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic

Inner beauty is great but a little contouring never hurts.

And I’m not talking about contouring with makeup! Don’t worry – there are no needles involved either.

Our skin is fighting a losing battle with aging everyday. On top of the hectic work schedules and chronic sleep deprivation, we’re also exposed to air pollution in our little island city. The largest organ of our body really doesn’t have it easy.

There will come a time when it’ll be difficult to ignore all the obvious signs of aging staring back at me in the mirror. So these days, the key focus of my beauty regime is to soften the effects of time on my face.

My ultimate beauty nemesis is probably my obvious nasolabial folds aka the smile lines. Since I was a young, impressionable and super vain (haha!) teenager, I’d always noticed how prominent they looked. And of course, these past few years of adulting doesn’t make them better. In fact, they look even more pronounced than ever!

Topical products can only do so much to slow down aging, we still need a more viable solution to actually turn back the clock.

I know this may mean more drastic measures but right now, I’m not ready to try surgical treatments or injectables to shed years off my face. So I was very happy when Dr. Rachel Lim of Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic suggested trying their non-invasive V Face Laser with Accent Ultra V with Red Light Therapy treatment to contour and tighten my skin.

Can a non-surgical cosmetic procedure really lift my face and get rid of the lines once and for all? Read on to find out!


Welcome to the cozy premises of Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic!

I spot some in-house products!

As you probably already know, most aesthetic clinics use standard clinical skin care products and tailor their treatments around the efficacy of the products. This is fine but in cases where you have more unique skin problems like sensitive skin, mild eczema or skin allergies, you might require a more careful selection of products coupled with more sophisticated treatments.

As such, standard products and treatment processes may hinder the treatment results or even fail to tackle skin problems more efficiently.

So not surprisingly, I was utterly impressed to see that Ardmore had come up with their own line of products for their treatments.

This is fantastic, by knowing precisely what ingredients go into their products they would be able to prevent any potential allergic reactions. They would also understand the efficacies of these ingredients and be able to better select the products that are in line with the objectives of their treatments. This makes treatments more effective and customizable to different skin concerns.

To top it off, we can perhaps also purchase their range of aftercare products to complement the ones used during treatments.

This means we can continue to benefit from the goodness of the treatments even when we’re at home!


Alright! Here comes the reality – a before treatment photo to show you the state of my skin.

It was actually taken last November when I had been frantically dealing with my home renovation that was going south for a few months. The stress from the ordeal had definitely trickled down to my face. Besides some obvious zits, my skin also looked saggy and tired.

I also took a beauty hiatus for a few months so it was rather nerve-wrecking to meet an aesthetic doctor for an in-depth skin assessment. Eek!

What better way calm those nerves than with a soothing cup of tea. Thank you Ardmore! 😛

Now let’s meet Dr Rachel Lim, the head honcho of Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic!

After a fruitful 11 years in family medicine, Dr Rachel Lim began to develop a new mantra for her career and that is to help everyone feel their best at every stage of their lives both within and without.

So five years ago, she decided to venture into the world of aesthetics by setting up her brainchild, Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic, a centre dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of customised non-invasive therapeutic treatments with the safest and most effective FDA-approved machines, in a comfortable and private environment and wait for it… at an affordable price. 🙂

To be honest, I’m always skeptical of every new beauty establishment that I go to for the first time, especially when they claim to be the ‘most effective’.

Dr Rachel Lim had a friendly yet confident demeanour and seemed to understand all my skin concerns very well. And of course, her beautiful and flawless complexion is the best testimonial for her clinic. She looked stunning even with minimal makeup in real life.

VShape Facial Contouring

Dr Rachel Lim highly recommended her signature V Face Laser with Accent Ultra V with Red Light Therapy treatment that combines patented ultrasonic Shear Waves and UniPolar radio frequency to eliminate fatty content in the face.

The targeted shear waves are completely absorbed by fat cells, thereby causing no damage to surrounding tissue while delivering maximum energy for fat removal.

The procedure is designed for the chin, cheeks, neck and the periorbital area around your eyes. The treatment can also be performed on almost any body part including the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Now let the treatment begin!

After a thorough cleansing session, my therapist applied a layer of gel before proceeding to administer the actual treatment using a probe as seen below to deliver the shear waves to targeted areas on my skin.

My face was evidently flushed after the treatment.

You can see this image below for a clearer before and after comparison.

After the procedure, I was treated to a relaxing 20 min facial mask to calm the redness, followed by a slew of aftercare products before we called it a day. In case you’re wondering, the entire treatment lasted about an hour.


I have an extremely low threshold for heat and pain so the treatment wasn’t all comfortable and pleasant for me. My therapist had to pause a few times for me to ‘take a break.’

Despite the mild discomfort, I thought I could see a small improvement in my wrinkle problem.

As you can tell, my skin was still pretty red and sensitive after the treatment but all that subsided within a few hours. My blemishes also disappeared after a few days, giving me a clearer and more radiant looking complexion. So I can safely say there’s minimal downtime and my skin definitely reaped heaps of benefits from this procedure.

According to Dr Rachel Lim, I may require 3 to 5 more sessions to see more notable results.

All in all, I was very happy with the service rendered by Dr Rachel and her team. I look forward to coming back in future to try their other treatments!

My verdict: 3.5/5 Honeyz stars!

Thank you Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic!

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic has a wide range of treatments for the face and body, ranging from minimally invasive procedures like botulinum and filler injections, to non-invasive procedures such as Ultherapy, lasers, chemical peels etc.

Every treatment recommendation and programme is personally and specifically tailored to their patients’ needs, ensuring the most fulfilling results and outcome.

Visit their website at or FB at for more.

Have fun and keep sparkling!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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