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An Aladdin-Style Wedding – Welcome To Our Cave Of Wonders!

“Who disturbs my slumber?”

Team Bobbliana did! 😛

Last November, we decided to unleash the Disney Geek in us and revive the Disney Renaissance era with a plethora of Disney-inspired photos and a Disney themed wedding reception.

I’ve covered Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast earlier in the blog and today, we’re going to take our magic carpet and transport into the land of Agrabah.

I hope you’re excited!


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Wait! You can’t do an Aladdin shoot without the mischievous Abu, the Magic Lamp and our transporter, the flying carpet.

So here are the stars of our show, Abu from eBay, Magic Carpet from Mustafa Centre and the Genie’s lamp from a store in Dubai.

abu lamp magic carpet

And now, we’re ready! Haha!

Oh hang on a second. Not yet. What about the location?

When I think of Aladdin, I think of sand, palm trees and warm tones. It is probably influenced by this scene in the movie.


And since our wedding venue is situated along the East Coast Beach where there are a lot of palm trees and sand, it didn’t take us long to decide on the prime shooting location for our Aladdin series. 😛

The photoshoot was undertaken by my dear friend, my colleague, Yong Thye (of Sim Video), without whom so much of what we planned simply would not have been possible.

I sincerely believe there is no other video company out there that would have accommodated all my zany requests in the way Sim Video has. Whether it was out in Paris taking photos in the wind and rain, or filming a Disney style epic, Sim Video has time and time again surpassed all my wildest expectations.

They’ve captured and immortalized moments that I will always treasure, beautiful memories of the best day of my life, moments that I can share with my family, friends and even my children next time.

And now, let’s scroll down and see how YT tackled our Arabian fairytale. 🙂


Aladdin wedding 6





And they ride off into the sunset. The end.

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Here’s a closeup of my Aladdin nails that were inspired by Agrabah’s night sky.


Thank you Amanda of Nail Indulgence De Beau for the beautiful nails!

Our Wedding Day

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a flying carpet on our wedding day, but we did have this very cool ride, courtesy of Bobby’s brother, Keeb. Whee!






There my Aladdin was, looking suave in our “magic carpet”. *gushes*



Aww… my brother giving his new brother-in-law a heartful hug.


Please allow me to introduce to you – My beautiful princesses!



And here’s Princess Jasmine giving Ali and his forty thieves, I mean, band of brothers, a hard time during the gatecrash segment.


Their challenge? Sing-along to Aladdin’s theme song – A Whole New World! Haha!


Yay! My Prince Ali proved himself!


And off we go to our Cave of Wonders!



Besides the magical oil lamp, whimsical flying carpet and Aladdin’s partner-in-crime Abu, there’s still another hero in Disney’s Aladdin.

Can you guess what it is?

Yup. It’s the beautiful star-filled sky which adorns every scene.


It’s like the film’s defining feature and it’s shown a thousand times in the movie and is even used in its promotional posters and music videos.

So we decided to sprinkle our wedding venue with twinkling stars by hanging more than 400 meters of fairy lights all over the garden.



I’ll show you how they look in the evening. Now let’s check out the other areas first.

The Reception


My beautiful Princess Bridesmaids have now all turned into Tinkerbells, manning the registration table and charming the guests with their megawatt smiles.




My lovely cousin, Poh Lin, doing what she does best, decorating our fairytale lane with photos and introducing everyone to our ‘Pont des Arts’ Wedding Guest Book.


By placing a lock on the famous love bridge together, couples immortalize their love for one another.

On our guestbook, our guests too can express their blessing and love for us by writing a special message and attaching it to our frame with a love lock.

And here’s the result! Do you like it?





We all know how it can feel as guests at a wedding, waiting to be seated and for the festivities to begin.

Sure canapés would be served during this time, but it would be nice to have something else entertain our guests, to keep the tempo up and keep interests piqued for our big entrance.



And thus the idea of having a magician at the wedding was born.

Meet our Genie, Alexander!



Read everything we have to say about our wonderful illusionist, Alexander of Meta Illusions here –

And how can we forget?

The Aladdin table!

Aladdin Wedding Table

I bought some magic lamp place card holders for the table but I didn’t think it looked “Aladdin” enough.


So our wedding planner, Beth, came up with the brilliant idea of placing gorgeous gold candle holders and white lanterns to amp up the Aladdin factor.

The result was spectacular!


Finally, dusk is upon us, here’s our diamond in the rough – An Aladdin Starry Night Sky!





“Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.” – Genie


Photography by Lightbox Productions

Wedding stylist: Beth of 1-Host

Tell you a secret – I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I go through these photos by Kwang of Lightbox Productions.

It was as if I was still at the wedding! He captured so many significant moments and expressions, images of that beautiful day started to flood my mind. I’m so glad I can always relive those amazing and magical memories again through his photos.

I must say, each and everyone of the wedding vendors listed above really went out of their way to ensure our wedding was as magical as it could possibly be.

Thank you once again for making my dreams come true.

Coming up next…




Signing off with one of my most favorite Disney songs – A Whole New World.


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Have a magical evening, belles!

Your friend, Juliana


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