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Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search


Throw beauty regime into high gear again with beauty du jour – Amethystory.

I believe the Amethystory brand needs no introduction…

Last fall, I reviewed the star products of the series – Mineral Bubble Face Wash, Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer and Mineral Aqua Gel.

Click here for the reviews for your recap.

This Spring, Amethystory is back with a new campaign and her wonderful products!

Before I dive into the details, I thought I could revisit Amethystory’s Star product – Mineral Aqua Gel and give you Honeyz belles a fresh appraisal.

Why another review of the mineral aqua gel?

Because I was doubtful about its ability to remove dead skin cells the last time.

Here’s my impression of the gel the last time.

“Well, I’m slightly skeptical about the dead skin cells part claimed by Ginvera. I have a hunch that it’s just chemistry working its magic. I may probably try it on other surfaces like walls or mirrors soon. To give it some credit, I did see facial hairs attached to the white flakes.

I like that I can also use it on other areas of my body too, besides the face. (A Honeyz girl has to be more than just a pretty face! :P)

I expected the formula to be thicker and was shocked to see that it oozes out like water. This means I’ll have to swiftly apply it to my face before it drips off my hands everytime I use it. Not a huge fan of that.

I like the texture of this exfoliator as compared to normal scrubs with beads. It feels gentler on the skin. Even though the process of rinsing off the liquid and flakes was quite a chore, but the after-scrub feeling was great. The skin felt really clean, and it did not leave the tight feeling. In addition, my skin felt really smooth and refreshed!

All in all, I think this exfoliator transcends many others in the market with its quality and affordability.

So 4 Honeyz crowns!”

To clear all doubts, I decided to do the following experiment as suggested in my last review – rub the gel on surfaces with no dead skin cells!

And so I squirt some gel on the back of a ceramic plate.

As you can see, no white flakes were formed.

But it could still be due to chemistry working its magic or the lack of friction.

So! I decided to try it on the driest part of my body – the soles of my feet, to test its hydration abilities.

In particular, I wanted to know whether the product can successfully remove the stubborn dead skin cells and restore its moisture.

Here goes!

Original condition of sole

Unsightly I know. Bear with me please!

Pumped some gel on it.

Spread and scrub…

White flakes started to appear…

The sole after using Amethystory’s mineral aqua gel

Visibly, I would say there’s not much of a difference.

However, the sole did feel smoother and softer after one use. So I reckon more uses will result in healthier-looking feet and give more renowned exfoliating gel products such as Odbo’s Peeling Gel and Cure’s Natural Aqua Gel a run for their money.

Would you like to have soft and hydrated skin too?

Now you CAN by participating in the Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search and you’ll stand a chance to win Amethystory products and other attractive prizes and…

…become the Face of Amethystory!

How cool is that???

You may get to appear in bus ads…


Magazine ads…

and Facebook ads!

Basically, your face will be plastered all over town!

So what are you waiting for?

Convey your interest by registering here.

This contest is open to all females age 18 -25yrs old.

For further information on the contest and free samples of the Amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel, visit the Amethystory roadshow event at the following times and venues.

  1. 27th April Temasek Polytechnic:11am-3pm

  2. 28th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm

Have a lovely Saturday evening belles!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.



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