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Always Have Your Flamingoes In A Row :P

Back in 2014, I gave it my all when I began planning my Disney-themed wedding. I practically used every waking moment to brainstorm ideas and fulfill wedding-related errands.

You probably already know – I am over the moon at how the wedding turned out.

However, due to the intense preparation process, I also began to rest on my laurels afterwards. I felt like I needed a lot of rest time after my nuptials and soon I found myself shopping more than working. Haha!

I became complacent and was literally dragging my heels to work.

Here comes the interesting part…

Who would have ever thought shopping could be inspiring too?

I was visiting one of my favorite fashion stores, Kate Spade, and somehow the little flamingoes and donut purses ignited a creative spark for a new project.

That one shopping trip not only inspired me, it also helped me overcome my procrastination and see everyday objects in a different light.

Before you know it, I was back at work planning Honeyz Cube‘s new repertoire of services and products.

And today, I’m very proud to present to you Honeyz Paint House, a unique and stylish new photo studio and lifestyle event space and YOUR very own getaway and creative retreat. We’re all about living life to the fullest and celebrating the everyday!

And of course, I had to host a Donuts and Flamingoes themed party to introduce Honeyz Cube’s new little sister to our fellow blogger friends and partners. And guess what? We decided to hold the party on our very first wedding anniversary. How apt!

Click this way ↓ to the fun please!

Prepping for the Big Day!

Planning this party was no easy feat. We spent two months conceptualizing the concept, getting partners onboard and designing the invites and banners.

Then we spent another two gruelling days printing press releases, info sheets and table mats. (Yup, we DIY-ed our table mats. :P)

Printing the press release and brand info sheets.

Decorating the tables.

And finally, we’re ready for our very big debut at Honeyz Paint House.

Welcome to our Donuts and Flamingoes Party!

Yay! We loved how the decor turned out. Do you? 😛

Since we still had some time before our guests arrived, we decided to do some last minute checks for the party, to make sure every welcome packet was filled with all our sponsors’ goodies.

And here’s my knight in shining armour who’s not only my loving husband but also my number one supporter in everything I do. Thank you so much, B! Muuaaah! :*

Of course, all of this also wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our generous partners: also sponsored my outfit for the party. Here I’m wearing’s Flare Flair blouse from their M O N O collection. 🙂

Skycart sponsored our goodie bags, cute decor as well as these fun props below!

Now let the party begin!

Our cutest guest just arrived!

And she brought donuts cakes too! Yay!

Special shoutout to Agnes, Sydney and Yan Teng! Thank you for your thoughtful gifts!

It was really nice catching up with one another. Check out those happy smiles!

This is not the most flattering photo but.. I’m absolutely in love with the cool bell sleeves of my new crop top from!

No, I wasn’t scratching my armpits. Haha! I was explaining some of the cool features of my new top which is also very Britney from the noughties. Don’t you think?

Have you ever wondered what boyfriends do when their girlfriends socialise with their girlfriends?

Well, evidently, they chill on beach chairs and play with their phones! Haha!

Everyone couldn’t get enough of Whimsical Patisseries’ pretty dessert table!

Our guests also got to try Jacqueline Burchell’s latest nail colors that are now also available on our Cube Store.

Hmm… Why’s everyone taking photos of my profile?

Because I’m wearing flamingo earrings! How befitting! 😛

Alright, enough of the profile photos! Let’s take a group shot! Wait! Do you see that epic photo bomber?!

One of the highlights of the party was Alexander’s sleight of hand magic tricks, especially the one where he made our Honeyz Paint House logo appear on a poker card! How cool is that?

Our audience looked astonished and impressed!

And then, it was time to open the ceremony and introduce Honeyz Paint House formally.

And we introduced our new concept with this video we made a few days prior.

Psst! It was actually also the first time we played anything on our 52-inch screen. How exciting!

Yay! Our audience looked pretty happy and hyped up.

The stakes are high now. We need to keep this going so we upped the ante by inviting magician and sleight of hand extraordinaire, Alexander, to perform some of his popular stage magic illusions.

Our guests looked impressed and entertained! Yay! Mission accomplished.

Then it was back to mingling with the girls and trying our sponsors’ awesome products.

Jacqueline Burchell and also kindly sponsored some prizes for our lucky draw! Congratulations to all winners!

Do you have a chronically messy closet that makes looking for the perfect outfit seem as difficult as a greek puzzle?

Well, meet our fellow blogger and Organised Lifestyle Consultant, Eri! Yes. She’s a professional closet organiser and she holds regular workshops to help you declutter your mess.

Here at Honeyz Paint House, we wanna support fellow entrepreneurs and give them a creative space so we also invited Eri to share more about her latest classes. If you’re desperately in need of some quick closet decluttering solutions, check out her website for more tips –

Who knows? One day we might even jointly host a closet styling class with Eri at Honeyz Paint House! Would you be interested? Let me know by commenting below!

All our guests received not one but two goodie bags that day! Woo hoo! Here’s a sneak peek at what was inside!

That’s not all! Our Creative Director, YT, also captured all the highlights of the event on video. Whee!

Catch all the action here!

We’re so much more!

As I mentioned earlier in my intro, Honeyz Paint House is YOUR very own getaway and creative retreat, now you too can host classes and workshops that will captivate the hearts and minds of people everywhere in an ambience and setting unlike any other.

And and and!

We’re also your photo studio, party venue, beauty museum and one-of-a-kind coworking space. 😀

Visit our website at to find out more!


Thank you all for coming, for your encouraging words and ardent love for our projects. We love you all so much! ♥

Let’s do this again!

After the party…

It was still our one-year anniversary after all.

So we headed down to Bedrock (where we had our first date) for a sumptuous Paper Anniversary dinner.

Cheers everyone!

Your friend,




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