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Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Premiere

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. – Alice

And one of the ‘impossible things’ that has happened this year was being invited to the Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Premiere! *happy dance*

Never thought I’ll ever attend a Disney Movie Premiere – now I can finally cross this off my bucket list. 😛

Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 29

And of course, I brought my Prince Charming (or Mad Hatter) to the screening too!

Alice Through The Looking Glass 16
Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore

An Alice In Wonderland event is never complete without a tea party.

Guests were invited to a Mad Hatter themed tea reception where we got to savour delectable desserts and aromatic teas in cute Alice in Wonderland tea cups. The disney geek in us was reeling with excitement, I tell you!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better – we spotted some cool beauty booths by Disney’s official event partners, Urban Decay and OPI and got to experience a mini makeover by their beauty wizards. Now we’re officially on cloud nine.

Besides collaborating with these international beauty brands, Disney also supported our local artisans by partnering them on exclusive collections, inspired by the movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

One such label was RÊVASSEUR. They actually left a deep impression on me during the Fashion Steps Out Runway Show earlier this year with their circus themed styles. Guess what? They are back with another vivacious collection to rock the local fashion scene. And this time, they drew inspiration from none other than Alice In Wonderland!

Scroll down to check out their latest Wonderland inspired pieces! Accessories are by local jeweller, Carrie K.

Carrie K. and RÊVASSEUR for Alice Through the Looking Glass

Check out those killer teapot shoes!!!

Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 8
Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 22
Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 23
Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 25

I’ve recorded all these LIVE on my Facebook Page. Catch all the action at 🙂

And say hello to Gilda, Designer and Girl Boss of RÊVASSEUR!


We were clearly exhilarated to meet the talented founder of RÊVASSEUR! Can’t miss the opportunity for a photo! Haha!

Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 28

Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie

After the runway show, we were ushered to the IMAX theatre to catch the 3D version of the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie.

Yep. That was how big the screen was. B looks like he just ate an ‘EAT ME’ cookie from the fairytale. Haha!

Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore IMAX

The screening opened with the new Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer which totally set the tone right in the fairytale direction. I’ve seen the trailer many times on my computer and TV, but watching it on the IMAX screen just brought it to a whole new level. I could feel goosebumps rising under my skin when the the opening number by Alan Menken was played. 😛

Th teaser was followed by a slew of Disney trailers for their upcoming movies – BFG, Pete’s Dragon, etc. I can tell you it was like a dream come true for our Disney-loving hearts. It was amazing to sit through a bunch of iconic Disney teasers, then watch one of their biggest movies this year.

Alice Through The Looking Glass is definitely better than its predecessor, Alice In Wonderland. Besides the heightened CGI effects, we also got a meatier plot where we got to explore history and learn how the characters became who they were.

Bobby prepared a spoiler free review for you guys so do head over to for a more comprehensive account of what we thought about the movie. 🙂

It was truly one hell of an experience. One more photo before I leave the premiere!

Alice Through The Looking Glass Singapore 30

Yay! You can never get enough Alice In Wonderland paraphernalia!



Thank you Disney Singapore for your invite and these generous goodies! You’ve just made my day extra magical! Alice Through The Looking Glass will be out in theatres on 6 July.

Meanwhile, for your very own Wonderland fix…

Have fun and keep believing!

Alice In Wonderland 2016 Juliana

Your friend, Juliana



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