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Ace That Internship Interview!

A couple of entries back, I announced that Honeyz Cube 2.0 and its new showroom is finally coming to fruition and what do you know!

My phone and social media channels were immediately inundated with encouraging messages and well wishes. Thanks guys! The influx of positive words certainly boost my confidence and inspired me to continue living the life of my dreams.

As emphasized in my ‘How I Found My Dream Job’ blog post, in order to score that dream job, you’ll need to buck the system, meet amazing people, seize new opportunities and come up with a long-term goal.

And how else to do it than securing a stellar internship with a great company and working alongside your future boss and colleagues? Yowza! You bet your bottom dollar it’ll be the perfect place for you to learn the ropes, expand your network and show your prospective employer you are determined to bring the company vision to life.

I’ve definitely been a job interviewee but I’ve also been in the hot seat as ‘the interviewer’ several times and during my stint, I noticed there are a few unspoken factors that leading Singapore internship providers also look out for.

Wanna know what else influences the decision of our potential employers? Read on!

1) Look Good On Google Too

When there are so many prospective candidates that look great on paper, employers in this Digital Age are looking beyond the pages of your CV and possibly looking towards the pages of your Facebook.

So it’s time to step up your game and make sure your online persona is in line with the ideals of the company you’re looking for.

Clean up your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus profiles as these are usually the first few sites that Google pulls up. Keep those embarrassing partying photos away and instead, showcase your achievements, skills and interests.

Remember! Google is like your unofficial resume so always check that it shows the best side of you.

Thankfully, Google isn’t always right. Here’s what I found when I first googled my husband’s name all those years ago when we were still getting to know each other.


2) One Size Does Not Fit All

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen CVs simply following standard google templates. This may be useful as a starting ground but when every CV starts to look identical and void of character or flavour, you know there is an issue.

Set yourself apart by following the guidelines but throwing in some of your own flair. Make the CV unique but at the same time tailor it to what you think the employer might be looking for. An employer for the CIA will not be looking for the same qualities as the employer for Rocket Scientists. Keep this in mind. By tailoring your CV, you show your sincerity and enthusiasm for the post.

3) Generic Is Boring

Keep your referrees happy so that they might also tailor their references for you in such a way as to look favourable in the specific field you are applying for.

As a recruiter, I would think positively whenever I came across a reference which was not only positive but could also be applicable to my industry. This also tells me that this job candidate must be a good one for the referee to go out of their way to customise the reference for them.


After the interview, remember to write an email to thank your interviewer for his/her time. It’s good to also take this opportunity to reiterate your keen interest in the position and offer to provide any additional information that can help support their decision-making process.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you may not be lucky first time off the bat, but don’t lose heart! Try and try again. You can also ask for feedback from interviewers to see what you may have done differently. Take it as a learning experience to further hone your job application skills. Soon you’ll be a dab hand, applying and interviewing for a post will become second nature and you’ll finally cinch that position you’ve been eyeing up!

Many internships in Singapore offer brilliant opportunities for career advancement so I hope my suggested pointers above can help you get a great head start in your job interviews and eventually, win that dream job of yours!

If you need further information about job opportunities, simply google ‘internship singapore‘ and you’ll find a bevy of options.

Have fun and good luck!

Your friend, Juliana



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