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A Week of Chic Winter-to-Spring Outfits!

I’ve become a slave to fashion.

Here’s why…

I just came back from Kawaii Land – Japan and I’m utterly stoked about their winter-to-spring transitional fashion! Apparently, they always center around these key themes – cute, sweet and cutting-edge.

As such, I became the Shopping Queen of Japan by grabbing every cute and colorful apparel off their (also) uber cute racks!

If you have been following my twitter or instagram accounts last week, you would have noticed that I have been religiously updating my accounts with photos of my outfits in Japan.

Well, I couldn’t help it when I realized that I looked like I was wearing the same clothes in every photo taken!

See for yourself!

Evidently, I was wearing the same boring coat over every outfit.

What a waste that all those new ‘kawaii’ outfits were hidden underneath.

Hence, here’s an archive of my wardrobe in Japan!

(Yes, it’s part style advice and part vanity.)

First outfit!

Spring Coat: Sixties Pullover: M)phosis Watch: DKNY Skirt: Zara Hair Accessory: From Kyoto, Japan Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

I went for a more matured look on my second day in Tokyo.

Top: Victoria’s Secret Turtleneck Top Bracelet: Dior Ring: Bvlgari Jeans: NewJeans Scarf: Vivienne Westwood Silk Scarf Bag: Samantha Thavasa Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

Military-inspired jacket!

Coat: Burberry Blue Label Skirt: Love Bonito Stockings: From Chinatown, Singapore Bag: Chanel Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

Now snuggle up with a cute knitted hat for that added cuteness, coziness and comfort in the chilly weather.

Dress: Agneselle Cardigan: Knitted Hat: A gift Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF2 Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

I’ve fallen in love with winter fashion. ❤

Well belles, you know there will be more travel reviews coming your way since I’ve been globetrotting a little more than usual this month. So stay tuned!

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