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A Message For Our Bangladeshi Community

Chancing upon this photo from my trip to Bangladesh earlier this year, I was reminded of the kindness and generosity I experienced at every turn.

Even these old rickshaw uncles went out of their way to help me take the perfect picture while expecting nothing in return.

What we see here in Singapore is just the tip of the iceberg. They have millionaires and Nobel Peace Prize winners, doctors and lawyers, rich and poor people, the same as any nation.

What we see here simply reflects a very specific demographic and after experiencing such kindness, I was even more sad seeing how the Bangladeshi community here has been especially affected by this cruel and unforgiving virus.

Here’s a short message to show our solidarity and support for the Bangladeshi community here, separated from their families and loved ones, likely worried and afraid.

Stay strong and stay positive, there are many of us rooting for you and hopefully this will all be a thing of the past very very soon.

Inshallah! 🙏🏻

Your friend, Juliana


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