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A Different Side – Captured By Yikeshu Photography

Channelled my inner model with Yikeshu Photography yesterday. 😛

I was very impressed with their craft as they’ve captured angles of myself that I’d never even seen before.

Eagle, photographer and co-founder of Yikeshu Photography actually gave me a pep talk before the shoot to give my self-esteem a little boost.

And the final product? I would say – astounding.

We’ll be collaborating again for new photos for my blog. *excited*

Meanwhile, click to view some of the images from the series!

So what do you think?

My most favourite is the cover photo which I thought reflected the essence of my inner thoughts at the point of the shoot perfectly – peaceful and self-assured.

Well, I guess the pep talk helped as I was on the other side of the emotion spectrum before the shoot – reticent and slightly flustered due to the traffic jam en route to the studios and a lack of familiarity with the new photography team.

It was obvious that all that was eradicated and only positive emotions were portrayed in the photos. Yay! B loved them too! 😀

Great work guys and thanks for this!

If you’re interested to discover your inner Kate Moss too or to find out more about Yikeshu’s photography or wedding services, you could visit their website or their Facebook page at

Have a fab Thursday!

Your friend,




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