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Year In Review: My Hair Makeovers At Shunji Matsuo

2015 has been nothing but rewarding – hosted my very first health and wellness event with my husband, went on a nice honeymoon, got married again in the UK (haha!), took part in the Singapore Blog Awards, bought a new house and acquired a new office space for Honeyz Cube.

What made it even better was stepping out of my beauty comfort zone and trying new colors for the first time.

I loved playing hair chameleon as I went to the salon almost once every month and leaving with a completely different hair persona each time.

Let’s take a very colourful trip down memory lane. Here’s my year in hair!


Most people stress over their weddings, now imagine that I had to do it three times! It was fun and exciting but I did have to play my hair safe.

Dominated by dark and brown hues, this green accent was as adventurous as I got.

Shunji Matsuo

Shunji Matsuo

Strategically planned by my stylist, the green melted away to leave a rich brown tone for my wedding, perfectly in keeping with Belle’s aesthetic from Beauty and the Beast as I had hoped.


January 2015

A Study In Pink




It was the much-needed injection of life and vitality that my hair had been craving for.

It’s remarkable how much your hair can affect your mood. The power pink punch really boosted my energy to make it an absolutely fantastic start of the year.

February 2015

Pink Must Go On


I was definitely not ready to let go of pink girl power so fast!

So rather than just re-hash the same style, William reimagined my pink mane so that I could keep buzzing with life from the vibrant colour all while sporting a different style.




March – May 2015

Purple Pride




It made for the perfect sunset companion on my honeymoon.

Dark definitely doesn’t mean serious!






June – August 2015

Ombre Mania


As the sun set on a fantastic summer and autumn started to raise its sleepy head, I embraced this classic ombre look.

Great for autumn as the leaves around the world turn a warm golden brown, it’s a fun yet versatile look appropriate for both work and play.


Fashion bloggers UK

September – October 2015

Show Me The Light


Not yet ready to let my ombre look go completely and yet too time-strapped for a completely new do, William worked his magic to refresh my existing look.

With some strategic highlights, William was able to create something completely new while maintaining the overall existing colour theme.

November – December 2015

Inner Rock Star


The lure of the dark side was just too strong as I embraced my inner rock star once again for the end of the year.

Literally ending the year with a loud bang and explosion of colour!




Woodlands Photo Studio Rental 4

Feeling adventurous but scared to take the colour plunge, fear not, you’ll be in very safe hands with William, a real colour master.

Quote ‘Honeyz‘ to receive 10% off any chemical service by William. 🙂

Address: Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, 391 Orchard Road #05-23, Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238872

Contact no: +65 6238 1522

Follow me on Instagram (@ilovebunnynet) for more #ILBHair adventures!

 Finally, let’s toast to an amazing start to the New Year! Cheers!

Your friend, Juliana



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