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Winter Is Coming: My Frozen-Themed Wedding

Welcome to another instalment of my #Bobbliana Secret Garden Fairytale Wedding – Winter Is Coming. No surprise which Disney Princess this edition was inspired by. 😛

Do you know that our favorite Ice Queen almost didn’t make it to the list as Bobby and I had already started allocating our quintessential Disney heroines to the different wedding tables in late 2013?

At least that was what we thought, until we realized we would really miss out a ‘queen-tessential’ Disney fairytale when Frozen was released later that year.

There was no way we could slot in another table of 10 so we thought the best way was to integrate the Frozen details into the decor and wedding cake.

You bet when our wedding planner, Beth, promised that she could do a winter-themed edible (mind you!) Disney castle wedding cake with LED lights installed, we almost fainted with excitement. It was a triumphant moment for our Disney-loving hearts.

Now, I just need more icy blue colors, snowflakes and crystals to amplify the Elsa effect.

Well, what better way to do it than to add it to the actual wedding dress! Woo hoo! Now the wedding is really oozing with winter vibe.

Read on to find out more about our Frozen-inspired wedding!

The Look

Elsa’s signature long braids and alluring purple eyes are the key makeup inspirations for my evening look.In particular, her hair crown that is styled in an effortless and easy breezy manner which is simply to die for.

To make sure my makeup artist, Joanne understood what I wanted, I showed her some real-life examples:


They are super Elsa-inspired and wearable on my big day. I was glad the talented Joanne immediately understood what I wanted and we met up at my place for a makeup trial to try the look!

Frozen wedding singapore



As for the makeup, I wanted a more natural look inspired by Korean celebrities so Joanne went light handed on the application and created this ‘barely there’ look for me.

I loved it as like Kate Middleton – I want my groom to be able to recognise me on our wedding day. 😛


Next up! The Elsa hairdo.*exciting*


I loved the look but I thought the braids could be a tad looser and more relaxed.

Well, it’s called a makeup trial for a reason. I was glad I was able to build my rapport with Joanne and test-run a few looks before we decide on the final makeup and hairstyles.

Joanne took my preferences into account and modified my Elsa look. I can tell you the final look was simply awe-inspiring. Well, you’ll have to read on to see the what she created for me. All I can say is – she’s a genius! You want her at your wedding! 😛

Meanwhile, I also introduced her to another favorite Disney princess of mine for the morning ceremony.



Belle’s luscious locks are gorgeous but to recreate the same look in real life might look too dramatic.


See what I mean?

So I showed Joanne the following hairstyles for a more realistic Belle hairdo.


And this was what she did for me. 🙂



I love it! My happy smile here says it all.

Beauty and the beast wedding

My Prince Charming and I at our Secret Garden Fairytale Wedding. 😛

Finding an experienced and trust-worthy bridal glam squad can be one of the toughest parts of wedding planning. I’m super thankful I found Joanne who ensured that all our worry lines were banished to the enchanted forest with her top-notched makeup skills and her incredible ability to understand what I want.

Thank you Joanne.


I’ve actually engaged Joanne again for my aunt’s upcoming wedding this December. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to try more new looks with Joanne! In the mean time, check out her other bridal looks here –

Back to the Ice Queen…

The Dress

Loov Production

The beautiful dresses and brightly lid mini runway at Loov Production caught our attention when we were shopping for dresses at Delfi Orchard.



I knew the moment I laid eyes on Keanu Chang’s opulent bridal boutique that I would be getting my wedding gown from here.

His grand yet elegant designs simply make you feel like a real princess!



Trying on Keanu’s gowns, it hit me for the first time that I was really getting married.


I figured I should see other boutiques and try other gowns, but despite everything we tried, neither my hubby nor I could forget the very first gown I tried on at Loov Production.

Now the choice was obvious. We returned to Loov Production and Keanu welcomed us with warm open arms. The very first gown I tried became the piece-de-resistance for my actual wedding day.

Beauty and the beast wedding belle

Before I knew it, my main bridal gown, my tea ceremony gown and my final march-in gown were all from Loov Production. 😛



BJ458 (1)

Time to pick the ultimate Elsa-inspired dress…


Here’s my choice!


Elsa’s glistening cape and sheer mesh sleeves looked perfect in the movie but I reckoned it would probably look too much on my small frame in real life.

So when I saw this beautiful dress that fitted my minimalist criteria, I literally went coconuts!

The glistening snow effect from the sequined bodice and organza flare exuded the right amount of elegance that even Elsa would be proud of.



After several alterations, the dress finally fit me like a glove!


Your “Icy Enchantress” is ready to roll! Haha!


It would be a shame if I do not mention Keanu and his absolutely incredible service. He customized my gowns repeatedly and allowed me to bring my dream wedding to life.

Each visit to the boutique made me feel like a little girl again, a little girl dreaming of her perfect magical wedding. It was so enjoyable that even my hubby would accompany me to each and every visit and gown fitting session. My dreams were coming true. Thank you Keanu. 🙂


For more Loov Production extravaganza, visit Keanu’s Fb page at

The Wedding


Spot Elsa! 😛






On the day of the wedding, Joanne gave me the loose soft braids I wanted.

That’s not all! She also adorned it with some beautiful crystal butterflies to marry both the Frozen and Secret Garden Fairytale themes. Ethereal!

I couldn’t ask for a more amazing hairdo than this.

To amp up the ‘Frozen factor’, we also bought this gorgeous crystal bouquet from Crystal Wedding that looked absolutely breathtaking in real life.


The crystal bouquet certainly gave my Elsa look that extra oomph. 😛



Cheers to a beautiful winter ahead!

Well, it was November. Haha!



The bride has gone bonkers. 😛


Elsa’s shimmery purple eyes were the talk of town when the movie was released so Joanne added some purple and pink frost to my eyes to pay tribute to Elsa’s beautiful Snow Queen look.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any ‘decent’ close up photos of my makeup except for these not-so-flattering photos taken during the speeches where I was laughing like mad or crying my eyes out.






Here’s the back view of my braids and oh! That’s my little rascal right there! <3





Thank you all once again for making our dreams come true.


xoxo, Bobby and Juliana

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Have a magical day, belles!

Your friend, Juliana



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