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Why are long eyelashes attractive?


Why are long fluttery eyelashes attractive?


– they brighten the peepers and make them more alluring. – they are a time saver. No more long eye makeup routines. – our eyes are the windows to our soul so having longer and fuller lashes are like drapes that frame and beautify the windows!

Long luscious eyelashes are basically the universal symbol of beauty!

If you think your lashes are short or sparse, it’s not the end of the world yet. I’ve a beauty saviour to introduce to you. Click for more!

Tada! Here it is!

Mention “TAKE75%OFF” when you book an appointment at Lolita Group for a new set of NovaLash Eyelash Extension at SGD34.75* only! (Priced at SGD139 originally.) *For first-time Lolita Group customers only. Check out these posts for my review of Novalash extensions.

The offer is valid till 30th November 2013.

Lolita Group is located at Marina Link @ Marina Square #B1-12 Singapore.

Contact them at +65 63389981 to book your very first Novalash appointment!

Lunch hours are between 3pm – 4pm. For more information, visit their website at or facebook page at

Trust me, gorgeous peepers begin here.

Your friend, Juliana



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