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Urbanista London: Music On, World Off, Time To Lift

I love challenging myself and testing my limits, both mentally and physically.

When it comes to fitness, I’ve done every type of cardio routine you can think of, always shying away from doing weights, fearful of notions like weights will make a gal bulky!

Now I know that telling a woman not to ‘lift’ is as outdated as telling a woman not to read or study!

Never have I felt more confident than when lifting something heavy!

Combine this with a sound nutrition plan (and the fact that women have much lower testosterone than men) and I’m enjoying losing fat, getting smaller and leaner, while getting stronger and fitter!

All I need are my training gloves, my Urbanista London true wireless earphones and some tunes to get my blood pumping!

Outstanding audio performance combined with active noise cancellation means I can really get into the Flow and focus on the moment, while IPX4 water resistance means I don’t need to worry about working up a sweat!

They’re the best gym buddy you could ask for.

Quote <JULIANAC10> to enjoy 10% off all regular-priced Urbanista products storewide at The code is valid till 2 October 2020.

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have a gym playlist to create.

Your friend,




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