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Travel Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (Room)

Think ‘Hotel’

and ‘Disneyland’.

Shake both and what do you get?

A nice, luxurious Victorian Disneyland Hotel!

So do they live up to their magical name?

Read on to find out! G’day Honeyz Belles!

You had the first glimpse of my Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel adventure in this fashion post.

Now imagine I’m your Genie in a lamp and let me take you on a little tour around the ‘Room of Wonders’ on my magic carpet.


And here’s your key card to begin…

Hey! That’s Woody from Toy Story!

The marble floor outside the room. Did you spot Mickey?

Here we are at Room 3113.

Hold on tight as we glide into this elegant room on our magic carpet!

Cute Mickey motifs on the entrance mats to liven up our Disney spirits!

Psst! They are friends of Magic Carpet!

The bar top counter.

A well-stocked mini bar fridge.

Notice the cute melamine mug and additional refreshments?

Over here!

According to the ladies at the reception, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a family hotel so its rooms always have items that are meant for a family of three.

Pretty much like the Three Bears House – for papa, mama and baby bear.

Here are other examples of its ‘three bears’ concept.

The robes in the closet.

The mugs in the bathroom.

Papa and Mama’s…


I see some of you glancing at the Disney toiletries and amenities.

Alright, since we’re already here, let’s explore the Snow White themed fairytale bathroom!

Seven Dwarfs hotel amenities

Soap bar

Bath gel, hair conditioner and shampoo


Body lotion is not provided.

The shower

Notice the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs carvings on the sides of the mirror?

Aren’t they exquisite?

And here we see our little friend, Sneezy, at the tissue dispenser. Just what he needs whenever he goes into a sneezing frenzy.

I think that’s the classiest waste basket I’ve ever seen.

Alright, let’s get on the magic carpet and head to the bedroom!

Credits: Amazon


Sleeping Beauty Castle headboard for our fairytale slumbers.

Bedside table

I like how everything in the room always has a Victorian touch to them like the…


door knobs on the closet,

bedside table,

coat hanger,



oil paintings on the walls,



laundry bag,

and shoe shine cloth.

And sometimes they come with a Disney twist!

Such as the writing materials,

kids step stool,

bath robes,

and the princess bed frames.

The room also provides a full length mirror for you ladies to assess your outfit before you step out of the door!

When carpet and I are not around, you need these technologies for your magical fixes.

An interactive phone where you can select stories to be read to you or the kids!

An international plug adaptor to charge that iPod or laptop.


No wireless internet in the rooms. Free wireless internet access is only available in hotel lobby, dining locations and Conference Center.

This room is known as the Garden View Room so let’s check out its view!

My verdict…

I like that it provides an international plug as foreign guests may often forget that sockets are different overseas.

The TV also offers an extensive selection of networks such as Disney channel (in English, Mandarin and Cantonese), Channel V, HBO, etc. Double thumbs up!

However, I was pretty surprised that the hotel does not provide body lotion like many other 5 star hotels. It is a bathroom essential to me especially during winter when skin tends to be more dry. And I was also shocked to know that I have to walk past the lobby to get to the swimming pool. This is not ideal for guests who prefer to wash up in their rooms after a swim. I don’t think they want to walk around the lobby soaking wet and in their bath robes.

I also thought our room did not provide a nice garden view. It overlooked palm trees and parts of the building. 🙁 If this matters to you, I suggest you request for a view of the room before checking in.

Overall, a pretty decent room with an Edwardian and Victorian touch to it.

4 Honeyz crowns!

Wait wait! Don’t turn in yet!

Our Disney oasis getaway do not end here.

Watch this video for a complete Disneyland Hotel room experience.

Well, I hope you had a good time exploring the enchanted walls of Disneyland Hotel and discovering your inner princesses.

Our next trip – Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (Lobby and Swimming Pool)

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Your fairytale journey begins here. Your Genie, Juliana



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