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SWAROVSKI Crystal Pixie Nail Art Presentation

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then crystals must be her classy confidant that allows her to shine incessantly (without breaking the bank, that is).

And of course, when the subject of crystals is broached, the name ‘SWAROVSKI’ unanimously comes to our minds. The long-standing crystal behemoth represents more than just the finest crystals, it also offers 120 years of history and a simple vision to create “a diamond for everyone”.

Psst! Even Marilyn Monroe wore crystals instead of diamonds for her iconic ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ cabaret scene in the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

If you’ve a penchant for customised crystal accessories and manicures, then you’re in luck!

Last month, I was invited to a presentation at Joo Bar where I was introduced to an effusive line of handcrafted jewellery by veteran designer Purl. That’s not all. I was also treated to an amazing Swarovski nail makeover demonstration by the beauty maestros of Branche Hair and Nail salon.

Now not only are high quality crystals more accessible, you can also tailor make them to your liking and sparkle the night away. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Read on to find out more about these harbingers of crystal styling!


Joyais by PURL


When I first walked into the bar, I was greeted by a simply dazzling array of both sparkly crystal glitz as well as glamour courtesy of Purl of JYPURL and her new age handmade jewelry range which perfectly encapsulates the jet setting lifestyle we all dream of.

Honing her design skills following her graduation from Raffles Lasalle Design Institute, this latest collection marks a personal milestone and is testament to Purl’s unwavering talent, tenacity and perseverance.

With over 20 years of retail expertise and experience, JYPURL are able to offer their bespoke services to visionary clients who are looking to curate and craft a niche for their label.

swarovski singapore

swarovski singapore










SWAROVSKI Crystal Pixie Nail Art Presentation


You can wear Swarovski but now you can ‘wear’ Swarovski as the talented Ayami of Branché Hair & Nail showed us.

With Swarovski’s CREATE YOUR STYLE Nail Design Box, you can adorn your nails with a magical sparkle, but the real magic comes from the employment of paragel nails.

Unlike traditional gelish nails, paragel nails remove the air between the nail plate and the gel, allowing the nail to adhere to the plate like a suction cup, preventing the typical damage and thinning of the nails we have come to expect.

This groundbreaking gel nail polish is now available at Branche Branché Hair & Nail.









After the nail presentation, Bobby and I went back to the jewellery exhibit to take more photos of the fine crystals and marvel at their exquisiteness. 😛






As the afternoon came to a close and all eyes were set on home sweet home, head honcho Purl surprised us yet again with an understated brown envelope as a memento of the days events.

I opened the unassuming brown envelope to be greeted by a beautiful Swarovski earring and matching pendent set, it felt as if I’d found the lost treasure of the Pirates of the Caribbean! 😀

I’m definitely looking forward to making the most of this set this coming Lunar New Year! Yay!


What I Wore To The Event #OOTD

THE FASH SQUAD Outfit: The Design Closets (Psst! TDC just launched a gorgeous oriental collection on their online store, just in time for CNY! Woo hoo!) Shoes and Bag: Kate Spade Photography by Bobby Stryker


Visit for more information on Purl’s customization services as well as her unique jewellery collection.

Have fun and keep sparkling!

Your friend, Juliana

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