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Sparkle this Christmas and New Year with Honeyz’s Glitter Makeup Tutorial!

Short of time? Only have 30 minutes to spare for make up?

Don’t fret! Here’s your 20-minute party make over!

(And you’ll still have time to catch your breath.)

Hey ladies,

It’s finally Christmas eve! How are you doing?

I’m sure many of you are already busy preparing for the big party tonight.

So am I!

I’m wearing the perfect dress, accessories, shoes…… Urgh! I forgot the make up!

And the party starts in the next hour. Great.

I hope you’re not in this predicament right now, but if you are. No worries!

Here’s your 20-minute makeup makeover tutorial…

… to achieve this look. 🙂

Before you apply makeup, always remember to wash, tone and moisturize your skin.

Here goes!

1) Apply liquid foundation on face evenly to conceal flaws.

I used L’Oreal True Match Foundation G3, Golden Beige.

2) Then pat loose powder on face to smooth out lines and pores and set the look.

I used Etude House’s Loose Powder in Clear Beige.

3) Then use a face powder brush or a kabuki brush to spread loose powder evenly. This is to ensure maximum coverage and to produce a more natural look.

I used Elizabeth Arden’s Face Powder Brush.

4) Next, fill in eyebrows as needed.

I used Skin Food’s Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil.

Evening the color with an eyebrow brush.

I used Manicare’s eyebrow brush.

5) Apply a highlight color under brow bone and inner tear duct.

I used The Face Shop’s Baked Triple Color 01 and Etude House’s Eyeshadow Brush.

Usually the lightest shade on an eyeshadow palette is the highlight color.

Apply the eye shadow within the eye frame.

6) Apply a dark eye shadow color on the eyelid as a base. This will create more intensity.

Pat on eyeshadow underneath eye crease.

7) Pat a lighter eyeshadow color on top of the dark eyeshadow color.

Blend off the edges carefully.

8) Using an eyeshadow applicator, apply the base color on the lower outer edge of eye.

This is how it should look like.

9) Line the upper and lower lashline with a black eye liner pencil.

I used Skin Food’s Black Bean Eye Line Pencil.

Slightly thicken the eyeliner and wing it upwards on the outside of the eye.

10) Next, please welcome the falsies!

Curl eyelashes before applying false eyelashes.

Apply glue at the base of the false eyelashes.

I used an individual false lash for easier application and a more dramatic look.

Blow the glue till it’s semi dry to keep any excess glue from running.

Then position the eyelash along the base of upper lashes toward the outer corner of eyes.

I used Sephora Party Queen’s False Eyelashes.

11) Apply generous coats of black mascara on your top lashes and bottom lashes.

I used The Face Shop’s Extreme Mascara Magic Eyelash Curler.

During application, use a piece of tissue under your lower lashes to prevent smudging.

12) Highlight the brow bone, tear duct and inner lower lash line with a shimmery light color.

A cream glittery eyeshadow is recommended as it makes the eyes pop instantly!

I used Skin Food’s Eggplant Soft Stick Shadow.

And we’re done with the eyes!

13) Add a splash of pink blush to warm up your cheeks.

Brush on blusher on the bridge of your nose for a sunkissed glow.

I used Laneige’s Blusher #01 Pink Gradation.

And MAC’s Blush Brush.

14) Apply generous amounts of lip balm on your lips so that lip gloss will look more even on lips later. (And also for maximum moisturization!)

I used Lipice’s Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm

(Click here for my review on it.)

15) Finish with lip gloss.

I used Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl 556.

And tada!! Here’s the finished look of my 20-minute party makeover.

More pictures of the completed look.

Here’s a summary of the cosmetics and tools I used in this makeup tutorial.

• L’Oreal True Match Foundation G3, Golden Beige • Etude House Loose Powder, Clear Beige • Elizabeth Arden Face Powder Brush • Skin Food Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil • Manicare Eyebrow Brush • The Face Shop Baked Triple Color 01 • Etude House Eyeshadow Brush • Skin Food Black Bean Eye Line Pencil • Sephora Party Queen False Eyelashes • The Face Shop Extreme Mascara Magic Eyelash Curler • Laneige Blusher #01 Pink Gradation • MAC Blush Brush

• Lipice Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm

• MAC Blush Brush

My Makeup Stash

I hope this tutorial saved your day. And now you’re all ready to party like a rock star!

Toast to a fantastic 2012!

Thanks for reading. I’ll talk to you soon.

Meanwhile, have a great Christmas!

Your friend, Juliana



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