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Shine bright with Star Lash’s Fancy Eyelashes!

Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight… is the twinkle from my Fancy Star Lash falsies! Haha! The party doesn’t stop even after the holidays!

Heralded as one of the beauty industry’s top eyelash labels, Star Lash is all set to maintain their sovereignty with their latest Fancy lash range!

The Fancy Lash collection is an updated and funkier version of their original Star Lash Premium range. This time, they jazz up your lashes with Swarovski crystals, colored highlights and extended lash wings!

Now click to add a glint to your wink! One of my responsibilities at Honeyz Cube is reviewing and seeking for good quality products from reliable vendors for the Cube Store, much like a purchasing agent.

So here I am today, plain faced at Beauty Direct‘s office to try their latest Fancy lashes.

I love my job! 😛

These were two lashes that caught my eyes, namely the Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FB30 and Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FA34.

Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FB30

Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FA34

They look pretty outstanding eh?

To complement their vibrant hues on my eyes, the makeup artists at Beauty Direct used highly pigmented colors from Charcott’s best selling multi-tasking eyeshadows that functions as a blush, face contour and highlighter!

Do you know?

Charcott is one of the largest retailer for ballet makeup in the world. Their innovative high-quality products are fan favorites of several renowned ballet dancers, stage actors and celebrities from all over the world.

Lucky me! Here are some of the colors I got to choose from.

This is Frost, Beauty Direct’s in-house makeup artist.

She suggested creating this divine night makeup look with the Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FB30.

Looks pretty crazy but I’m excited!

Let’s get started!

Frost swept layers of lavender eyeshadow over my eyelids and brow bone repeatedly in a horizontal S motion, to create this dramatic wave look.

Then lined it with a gold gel eyeliner to make the eyes pop.

And how can we forget the most important embellishment?

My Star Lash Fancy falsies!

I’m in need of a beauty breakthrough so these ombre lashes are perfect for me! They feature a color gradient from pink to purple, adorned with subtle rose pink Swarovski crystals.

I was there with the lovely, Rusty and she too, donned a dramatic look with Star Lash’s Fancy False Eyelashes FB31.

Star Lash’s Fancy False Eyelashes FB31.

Cobalt blue makeup is such a hot trend now.

Here’s a closer look of Rusty’s ‘Blue Crush‘ look with glittery lids and cobalt blue Fancy lashes. Her makeup was created by Dahlia, another talented Beauty Direct in-house makeup artist.

The lashes were created which criss-cross black and blue lashes to mesh perfectly with natural lashes. It’s just like wearing voluminous color mascara except without the hassle of them smudging.

The Fancy lashes looked long and full. You can see it in its full glory from the top.

So what do you think?

We love them! ❤

The makeover does not end here. We decided to try another look with different pair of Star Lash falsies.

This time, Rusty decided to channel her inner mermaid with teal eyeshadow colors and Star Lash’s Fancy False Eyelashes FA35.

Great choice! The lashes feature gorgeous emerald Swarovski crystals that produces a glittery ocean-inspired look which shimmers every time Rusty blinks. Haha!

Star Lash Fancy False Eyelashes FA35.

Rusty’s look was created by Frost.

I’ve never tried dramatic makeup looks before so I was very excited when Dahlia decided to give me a full makeover with full coverage and very defined eyes that are framed with Star Lash’s Fancy False Eyelashes FA34.

The eyelash band is lined with brown Swarovski crystals that creates a dazzling effect while blending into the eyeliner.

The talented Dahlia and I.

I love the different looks created with these bold and fluttery lashes. I also love how comfortable the they felt on my eyelids.

I don’t wear falsies often as most of them irritate my skin and feel heavy like I’m wearing an awning on my eyelids.

I wore the above look for hours and not only did it not feel uncomfortable, I forgot I was wearing them! According to Beauty Direct, each Star Lash is made with the best synthetic fibre to make sure they remain soft, light and comfortable. The eyelash band is also very flexible to suit different eye shapes. I can swear by that because I did not feel the false eyelash stretching my skin whenever I hoist my eyelids.

I’ve also searched online for Star Lash false and realised that Star Lash products have received effusive praise from many popular beauty bloggers such as Beatrice, Karen , Rusty and many more!

And the decision?

Bring it into Honeyz Cube of course!

Well, I’m in great need of some bling and shimmer before the Chinese New Year celebration. 😛

And great news my dear Honeyz Belles…

The Cube Store is offering 20% off all Star Lash products (except the glues) as part of our opening promotion.

Offer ends 31 Jan 2014 so hurry while stocks last!

Visit the Cube Store –

Glisten and shine with Star Lash’s Fancy Lash this CNY!

Your friend, Juliana


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