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Say Hello To My New ORIGINS Diet!

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Origins Face mask review

Before my wedding last November, I was visiting the salon and aesthetic clinics at least twice a week.

This year… I kinda went into a ‘beauty retirement’ mode and guess what? I haven’t been to a beauty salon for facials AT ALL. Gulp!

But I’m not all that lazy, I still made sure I kept the zits at bay with my trusty Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Despite the deluge of facial mask choices in the market, I’ve been pretty loyal to this mask since it’s never failed me.

So I haven’t exactly explored the other facial masks from Origins until recently, when online beauty behemoth, Luxola sent me the ultimate beauty squad from Origins – GinZing Refreshing mask, Drink Up Intensive mask and an updated version of the Active Charcoal Mask. Thanks guys!

And it seems like the beauty brand, famed for its natural and wholesome ingredients, is all out to reaffirm its commitment to offering only high performance products that meet all skincare protocols.

So have Origins reinvented the wheel with their new Active Charcoal Mask? Are there dramatic results after using these new masks? Most importantly, any drawbacks???

Well, you’ll have to read on to find out! 😛

And here are the Three Musketeers of Origins! Haha!

From left to right: Active Charcoal Mask, Drink Up Intensive mask and GinZing Refreshing mask

I’m so glad the packaging overhaul didn’t involve jars. Jars may look pretty on your vanity desks but trust me, they do nothing but harm to your skin care products. Beneficial ingredients start degrading the moment they are exposed to air and sunlight.

That said, the translucent tube packaging of the charcoal mask is not ideal too. Opaque and air-tight packaging is the best way to retain the effectiveness of the products.

Well, at least the hygiene factor is not compromised. I never liked dipping my fingers into the creams in jars. Imagine the amount of bacteria that is being transferred during the process.

On that account, I think its new packaging deserves 3 Honeyz crowns.

And now we check out the products!

Origins Active Charcoal Mask Review

A mask with activated charcoal to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. When environmental toxins, dirt, and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, and skin looks cloudy. Nature’s complexion clean-up crew gets to the bottom of your skin’s overcast condition and clears the way for it to act its best.

Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that stuff down there, your skin can breathe a sigh of relief. Best for all skin types.

It is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Phthalates

How to use: Once a week or as often as needed, open pores with warm, moist towel and layer mask on. Allow to dry, rinse well. Watch your skin shake off the shroud of dullness and take on a new clarity.

Active Ingredients:  -Active Charcoal: Absorbs 100- to 200-times its weight in impurities. -White China Clay: One of the gentlest and most effective clays, it draws out impurities and toxins while clearing the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollutants, and other waste materials.

Price: SGD50

Afterthoughts: As mentioned in my intro, this is indisputably the best ‘impurities sucker’ ever! Haha!

Everytime I touch my face after using the charcoal mask, it would feel incredibly velvety soft and smooth. And you think the results may be short-lived but hell no. The clear, baby smooth complexion lasts all day and night! Yup. This could easily give other pore minimising products, pore packs, charcoal masks a run for their money.

However, its consistency is rather thick. So if you apply a hefty amount, say two 50-cent coin size dollops of the mask, it would be rather challenging to spread it all over your face without tugging the skin. The removal process… don’t even go there.

So remember to go easy with the application and you’re well on your way to having crystal clear skin.

As mentioned earlier, Origins has decided to shake up its packaging with this new translucent tube. If you think this means upgraded contents too, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s status quo – the list of ingredients is exactly the same.

All in all, it’s still a superb sebum extractor that won’t blow your budget. I use it once a week and a 100ml tube of charcoal mask lasts approximately four months. Pretty cost-efficient eh? 4.5 Honeyz crowns for its amazing skin care benefits!

A luxurious nighttime mask to quench your skin’s thirst. Your skin depends on water for its youthful functioning. But all day long, skin loses vital moisture and the busier you are, the more it loses. This intense moisture replacement mask with avocado and apricot kernel oil deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. Best for dry skin types, Japanese seaweed repairs the skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging.

Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask to quench your skin’s thirst is a versatile product, and is great for travel, shaving, and dry body patches like elbows and knees.

It is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Phthalates How to use: Twice a week or as desired, gently massage onto clean skin at bedtime. Tissue off excess.

Active Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil

Price: SGD59


This baby here is heaven in a tube. It smells awesome, feels awesome and works awesome.

My cheeks are extremely dry most of the time and most products merely sit on top and not fully absorbed by the skin. I know that because when I remove the product, my skin will usually return to its flaky and dehydrated state.

I was afraid that the drink-up mask would work the same way. And here comes the more worrying part – when applied, it feels like my body lotions, buttery and moist. These questions started flooding my mind as I lay on my bed with the mask on – Is this too rich for my skin? Will this cause a breakout? Will I look like a pimple plantation after this???

All these concerns were proved unfounded when I removed the mask and unveiled its hidden mojo –  my new luminous youthful looking complexion! Woo hoo!

Yup! One application and moisture in my skin is restored. I now use it like a body lotion too, spreading it’s goodness all over my torso and limbs.

I’ll be heading to the land of white sand and blue seas, Maldives, in a few weeks. And I’m definitely bringing this with me to calm and hydrate the suntanned skin later.

Tell you a secret – its properties seem to enhance if I apply it after my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. The face practically glows if I use it in this sequence – cleanse, apply essence and massage mask onto face.

Try it and let me know if it works for you too. Meanwhile, 3.5 Honeyz crowns for this Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask.

A refreshing gel mask to wake up tired skin. GinZing™ Refreshing Face Mask gives dull, tired skin an extra boost with this icy cool, gel texture. Best for all skin types, coffee beans energize as cucumber refreshes and hoelen mushroom soothes. Skin’s get-up-and-glow is rapidly restored.

It is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Phthalates

How to use: Apply to clean skin and leave on 10 minutes. Tissue off. Use AM and PM as part of your GinZing™ regimen.

Active Ingredients: Panax Ginseng and Coffee Beans.

Price: SGD50


In terms of texture, this is clearly the winner amongst the three. Gel-based textures always resonates well with me because they usually do not leave a greasy film on the skin after cleansing.

To be honest, I didn’t like this mask when I first tried it as the zesty-smelling fumes from the product irritated my eyes, making them red and watery. I might have applied too much of the product on my face as these effects went away when I reduced the amount applied in subsequent uses.

So does it distinguish itself from other luxurious gel masks?

Upon application, the mask produces a slight tingling sensation which is absolutely invigorating. My skin feels very refreshed after removing the mask.

I think it’s comparable to Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack Ex and Olay’s Olay Aquaction Softening Sleeping Mask but not necessarily better. It’s the kind of mask that makes you feel good when you’re using it. Your face would look pleasingly refreshed for a while and you’re back to square one after a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a more hydrating option, I think the Origins Drink Up Intensive would be more suited for you.

As for the GinZing Refreshing Face Mask, it’s a nice energy booster but I think I can live without it for now. 3 Honeyz crowns for this Origins mask. 🙂

The Origins masks are now available at

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It was great catching up and trying new products with you belles. Alright, I’m off to watch Disney’s live action remake of Cinderella! Woo hoo!

But before I go, I’m leaving you with Olaf who’s apparently ‘head over heels’ with the glass slipper too. Haha!

Have fun!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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