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My Bridal Beauty Log: Phoenix La Beaute


A bride-to-be never stops seeking for perfection when it comes to beauty! Hehe.

In this edition of My Bridal Beauty Log, I visited up-and-coming beauty establishment – Phoenix La Beaute and tried their signature Universal Contour Wrap that is highly commended by the likes of Paula Abdul, Katherine Heigl and many other famous names.

The A-list beauty treatment turned me into a mummy, then an astronaut and finally a slimmer bride-to-be. The results are nothing short of astonishing – No tricky diets or insane workouts involved. 😛

Well, I hope I’ve made you sit up and and take notice. Now click to find out how you can melt off those inches too! The newly renovated salon is located at the heart of the city – Palais Renaissance at Orchard Road.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the fresh scent oozing from the flower stands that were kindly gifted by their partners and customers to celebrate the official opening of their new premises.

Note: They have yet to update their new location details on their website. It states that they are at the basement but their new address is #03-01.

The browns and golds created an opulent yet welcoming atmosphere that was absolutely soothing to the soul.

The luxuriousness does not end here. Their bathroom also boast a lavish interior with shiny glass basins and classy rain shower features.

There are also roomy lockers to store your personal belongings!

Contact lens wearers rejoice! On top of those mentioned, Phoenix La Beaute also provide contacts solutions and cases so you don’t have to discard your lenses should you forget to bring your lens care products. 🙂

I was asked to wait in the consultation room before their Specialist Mentor, Michelle, attended to me.

While waiting, I spotted these and felt a sense of relief. Haha!

Given the recent drama about facial treatments, it’s difficult not to be skeptical abut new spas. However, I felt relieved after seeing their numerous awards, even if they weren’t official government awards. 🙂

I also took some photos of my face before the treatments.

I wore quite a bit of makeup as you can see from this photo with flash. The condition of the skin will be more obvious when I remove it later. So stick around!

Good skin and a flattering body shape are my main beauty goals. Well, whose goals ain’t the same? 😛 After a detailed consultation with Michelle who’s had years of experience, she recommended a classic facial and their highly acclaimed Universal Contour Wrap for my beauty needs.

In case you’re wondering what the novelty is – The Universal Contour Wrap is an all-natural sea clay based solution which claims to have scientifically proven inch loss effects as well as the ability to tone and tighten loose skin as well as expel toxins and impurities from the body. Ideal for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

According to Michelle, I’ll be able to lose at least 6 inches if my BMI is 20 or more. Since my BMI is 19, she advised that inch loss may be subjective.

But I decided to go ahead with the treatment anyway to experience its other goodness – removing toxins and tightening loose skin.

I had to leave in a couple of hours for my next appointment so Michelle decided to combine the treatments and administer them personally for me.

I was led to a room that was equipped with a mirror and these towel-like wraps.

They ain’t towels! In fact, they are elasticated cotton bandages that were soaked in patented and highly effective warm dead sea clay that was developed meticulously 26 years ago by Dr Richard Strem.

Before Michelle wrapped me like mummy, she applied an additional treatment booster on me to enhance the effects of the clay wrap. This is a bonus which is not in the Universal Contour Wrap package. It is priced at SGD58 should customers wish to add it to their treatment too.

Michelle swirling the booster to prep it for the treatment.

Thereafter, Michelle spread the booster all over my body evenly.

Then she began to remove the wraps from the warm dead sea clay. She did not cover me with the wraps immediately as they are piping hot. Phoenix La Beaute usually soak their wraps in these clay solutions for a few hours before the treatment.

She placed the wraps on the edge of the heater and to allow them cool off a bit before she began to dress me with the bandages, using special wrapping techniques that “lift” and “sculpt” the body as well as to flatten bulges.

This slimming process works by compressing the soft tissue and cleanse the body of harmful toxins that are stored between the fat cells.

Do you know that toxins take up precious space in the body???

So when the toxins are removed from the purifying effects of the clay the bandages that also compress the fatty tissues, it results in significant inch loss!

Once I was ‘mummified’, Michelle made me wear a silver suit as seen below for an hour to maximise the effects of the dead sea clay.

While waiting for the wraps to faithfully deliver their functions, I was led into another treatment room for my classic facial.

Michelle proceeds to remove my makeup and cleanse them thoroughly with products from leading French beauty brand, Maria Galland Paris.

And now it’s squeaky clean!

Some of the key problems that Michelle identified are clogged pores and dehydrated skin.

So she suggested a gentle blackhead removal process and a power cooling mask that supplements the skin with extra moisture. I definitely went with her recommendations. Hehe.

The blackhead remover is similar to a pore pack except it does not leave nasty gum on your face and it is extremely effective in removing stubborn blackheads.

Alright… Get ready to say eww…

Blackheads extracted from the Blackhead Removal tape

Haha! Told ya it was extremely effective. My blackheads were stamped out leaving my face looking smooth and clean again.

After applying a nourishing toner, Michelle conducted a mini face massage on my face to allow maximum absorption of the nutrients as well as to relax my tired face muscles.

A facial is never complete without a hydrating facial mask. Michelle proceeded to revive my dull skin with a moisture-rich mask from the Maria Galland line.

First she placed a gauze sheet on my face, then began to spread a cooling mask over it.

The rich infusion of moisture made my skin looked recharged and revitalised. I thought the texture was noticeably smoother and skin tone was also visibly more even.

If you remember, I was still wearing my space suit.

The wraps have dried up by now causing them to shrink and tighten. Honestly, it wasn’t a comfortable experience. But when Michelle removed the bandages from my body, I thought it was all worth it because the result – a whopping 6 inches loss!

Yay! Michelle said she was surprised that the wraps still worked despite my low BMI. According to her, the results can last for at least 30 days.

Most slimming treatments rely on water loss to achieve slimming goals. I was never a fan of such programs so I was very glad to know that Universal Contour Wrap is not dependent on dehydrating methods but assumes a comprehensive program of targeted treatments and sculpting methods that uses natural ingredients.

In fact to maximise results, you’re encouraged to drink plenty of water after treatments. This will help to hydrate the skin and aid the body’s natural detoxification and elimination process.

My pampering session culminated with a refreshing glass of sparkling juice. Aaah…

By the way, Michelle made a pretty bold claim – any customer whose BMI is above 20 is promised at least 6 inches loss. Otherwise, money-back guarantee!

With that kind of confidence, you know you’re in good hands when you visit Phoenix La Beaute.

I had a very good time at the spa. The knowledge, skills and attention exhibited by Michelle was admirable and evident in the results. Even my fiance noticed my slimmer figure! I’m pretty sure you’ll see more of Phoenix La Beaute in my future Bridal Beauty Log series.

Meanwhile, 4.5 Honeyz crowns for their invigorating and highly effective treatments!

According to Michelle, even though the salon treatment has completed but the clay solution was still in my skin. The detoxification and tightening process continues for 3 to 4 days, giving further inch loss.

So she kindly gave me these Universal Contour Wrap products (worth SGD168) to sustain my inch loss results. Yay!

From left to right: Apres Care Exfoliation Scrub. Apres Care Detoxifying Shower Gel and Apres Care Firming Lotion.

Thanks Michelle for your wonderful products and generous hospitality!

The lovely Phoenix La Beaute is tucked away in a cozy corner of Palais Renaissance.

Here’s their address and contact details,

390 Orchard Road #03-01 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871 Tel: 6733 4556

If you’re worried that the extravagant-looking treatments above may cost an arm and a leg, you’ll be surprised!

For my readers, you can enjoy these special exclusive prices! Simply call 67334556 to make your appointment. Quote “Juliana” to redeem the exclusive promotional price!

First trial Universal Contour Wrap – SGD48 – You have to try this! (Usual price of $438)


First trial Phoenix Classic Facial Treatment – SGD28 (Usual price of $280)

OR try the treatments I did above:

First trial Universal Contour Wrap + Phoenix Classic Facial Treatment $68 (Usual price of $718)

Usual price, optional add-ons:

Booster – SGD58

Blackhead remover – SGD20

*Promotion valid till 29th January 2014

Terms & Conditions: • First time customer age 21 and above • Resident in Singapore with valid NRIC or passes • Price quoted without GST • Not valid with other discounts or promotions

For more up-to-date news about the spa, visit their website at and Facebook page.

Sculpt your way to beauty at Phoenix La Beaute! 😀

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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