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Magic Pumpkin Series: Cinderella Pre-Wedding Photos

“Have courage and be kind… Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”

This March, Disney is all out to set our fairytale-loving hearts aflutter with the release of the live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale – Cinderella. *shrieks*

I remember I was in the midst of planning my Disney-inspired wedding when I first caught a glimpse of this movie spectacular. (❤o❤)

It was a teaser poster that features the legendary glistening glass slipper of its beautiful protagonist, Cinderella. Think I kinda hyperventilated outside the GV cinema. Haha!

So to celebrate the opening of the movie next month, I’ll be sharing all the Cinderella elements of our wedding – from the pre-wedding photos, props, photobooth to the dessert table. If you’re a Cinderelly fanatic, be warned – your heart might get out of rhythm too. 😛

And now, please allow me to present to you the first instalment of our Magic Pumpkin series – the Pre-Wedding photos.

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We engaged two photographers with completely different styles for our Cinderella photoshoot.

This next collection of photos was taken by Ada and Aki of A Square Visual Studio.

And they feature a new form of photography known as ‘Indie Pop’ (aka 小清新) which is a blend of dreamy and quaint photography styles. This new form of photography was incarnated by the the ‘Indie Pop’ culture of the the UK music industry in the 1980s. It was popular for chronicling the little things in one’s life through refreshing, gentle and positive music themes. Later, this interesting sub-culture expanded its influence to the movie and photography industry.

A few photography houses in the region have jumped on the bandwagon and adopted this new style of photography and one of them is A Square Visual Studio.

And here’s their take on our Cinderella story.













We took up their PW01 package that includes makeup, 25 edited photos, a gorgeous hardbound album and a huge photo canvas. You can see the full details of the package here –

Psst! If you’re interested to engage A Square too, here’s what they’ve offered you belles,

Quote Juliana to get an awesome 10% off when you take up A Square’s amazing photography packages!

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Of course, how can we forget Sim Video, managed by my dear friend, my colleague, Yong Thye, without whom so much of what we planned simply would not have been possible.

I sincerely believe there is no other video company out there that would have accommodated all my zany requests in the way Sim Video has. Whether it was out in Paris taking photos in the wind and rain, or filming a Disney style epic, Sim Video has time and time again surpassed all my wildest expectations.

They’ve captured and immortalized moments that I will always treasure, beautiful memories of the best day of my life, moments that I can share with my family, friends and even my children next time.

And here’s his rendition of the perfect Cinderella tale. 🙂







Thank you Yong Thye and Sim Video for the breathtaking photos!

For more wedding videos by Sim Video, visit 🙂

In my next Magic Pumpkin Series post…







Before I sign off, I’m gonna leave you with two must-see trailers, as you would expect, of Cinderella and Frozen Fever which will be in theatres this March 13!

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Have a magical day, belles!

Your friend, Juliana




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