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MAC Cinderella Makeup Review + Giveaway

In a perfect storybook, the world is brave and good, your skin is flawless and smooth.

But life’s a different game, the zits, spots and the broken veins. Sigh.

Don’t lose hope just yet! You can always ‘change the fate’ with…… makeup of course!

I was literally on cloud nine when news broke that Disney was collaborating with MAC Cosmetics on a new Cinderella line.

But when I chanced upon MAC’s teaser image on Instagram, all I saw was a fairytale beauty catastrophe. The packaging was bleh, colors were dull and range was small. Nothing spelt princess-perfect except the glittery backdrop. Pfft!

Then I watched the movie and realised the concept behind the collection. Lily James’ Cinderella look is fresh, graceful and insanely natural. Even when Fairy Godmother worked her sorcery and transformed the mice into charming horses, the pumpkin into a magnificent gold carriage, she still kept Cinderella’s look natural and subtle with just a hint of sparkly dust. What makes it brutally unfair is that even looking natural, Cinderella still looks like a goddess!

Now this MAC fairytale range fits the Cinderella equation to a T. It consists of mostly nude and peachy colors that are totally wearable for any occasion. Close up, the periwinkle pearlescent packaging looks absolutely ethereal, paying homage to Cinderella’s beautiful iridescent ballgown in the movie.

So not surprisingly, I gave in to MAC and bought the collection.

Was it still a deal breaker in the end? Read on to find out!

The range was also larger than I thought.

It is made up of 17 enchanting items that includes everything from eyeshadow, loose glitter to lip gloss, each aptly named after different Cinderella elements and encased in pretty lavender blue pearlized packaging.

Since I only decided to give this dazzling collection a go three weeks after its launch (awwww…), you can imagine – most of the items were sold out. I was only able to purchase the Glass Slipper lipgloss, Fluidline in Macroviolet and Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess. Other items (not in the Cinderella collection) that I also acquired are the MAC Brush Cleanser and the 212 Flat Definer Brush.

Now let’s get upclose and personal with the MAC Cinderella products!

It’s a beautiful clear gloss with pink glitter and I like how it adds instant glamour and glitz to my lips!

Dark lighting:

Bright lighting:

However, it feels a tad stickier than my Dior and Victoria’s Secret glosses hence making it harder to apply on the lip and and also trickier to push the wand applicator back into the tube. That said, its thicker consistency also allowed it to be more resistant to fading.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of this collection is to enhance your natural beauty so don’t expect a highly pigmented formula. I’ve applied the lip gloss on one side of my lips for your comparison.

It’s a subtle difference but I’m still in love with the holographic shimmer and glass finish of the lip gloss.

Would I buy it again? Definitely! 4.5 Honeyz crowns!

But I guess that’s a hypothetical question for now as most of the products in the MAC Cinderella collection are sold out. And since it is a limited edition, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be restocked. Oh well.

According to MAC, this is a highlighter that is supposed to give the face a touch of radiance and make the skin look like it’s glowing from within.

Honestly, I think this might be the collection’s weakest link. I know they are heading for the nude and natural route but this is way too natural – it’s like the Emperor’s new clothes! I can’t see a thing!

Okay. Maybe a little. But if you’re looking to highlight your nose bridge for a more defined look. This will not do the job for you.

I’ve applied the highlighter on one side of my face, namely t-zone, laugh lines and chin for your reference.

Noticed any difference?

And now both sides of the face.

Yup. I’m sticking to my initial verdict – it doesn’t do much. It’s only redeeming quality is probably its adorable blue and gold packaging that looks great in my makeup pouch.

2 Honeyz crowns!

It is not highly pigmented but it’s texture is rather buildable. With multiple swipes, a gorgeous violet shade forms.

The alluring plum hue reminds me of Elsa’s makeup but a more wearable version of it which I’m totally a fan of.

I’ve never worn gel liners so I was initially hesitant to purchase this – I don’t wanna accidentally glide the goo into my eyes or worst, (yup worst :P) look like I’ve got a black eye.

The staff at the MAC store at Bugis junction were extremely helpful. They taught me how to wield an eyeliner brush for a more precise gel liner application. It’s actually pretty easy. Instead of smearing the product all over your lids, try coating the tip of the bristles with the gel liner and lightly tap the product on your lids.

And voila!

Angel winged eye corners!

So I also added MAC’s 212 Flat Definer Brush and Brush Cleanser to my shopping bag.

Whoa! This turned out to be an expensive purchase with all the add ons but it was all worth it. The gel liner (alone) fulfils my aesthetic, operational and budgetary requirements. Haha! I would totally buy this again (hypothetically again). 4 Honeyz crowns!

This is the finished look.

 So is there a huge difference?

Erm.. not really.

I guess it wasn’t such a bad decision that I missed the collection then.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this MAC range is a cash grab ploy. The colors are truly spellbinding. I actually like how they are so long lasting and wearable but since this is a highly anticipated collection, I expected a lot more.

So what do you think? Have you tried any products from the MAC Cinderella collection. Let me know on Honeyz Cube or comment below!

Check out the rest of the MAC Cinderella collection here –

I’ve a little surprise for my fellow Disney comrades!


Yup! I’ve bought these limited edition Cinderella makeup for you belles. By the time you see this, they might all be sold out in the stores already!

I’ll be giving away the MAC Cosmetics Cinderella Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess AND Lipglass in Glass Slipper!

Woo hoo! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

All you have to do is to:

1) Follow @ilovebunnynet and my beauty encyclopedia @Honeyzcube 

2) Like and tag 3 friends on this photo –

Yup! It’s that easy!

Contest will end 2 April 2015 at the stroke of midnight.

Quick! Take part in this giveaway before the goodies turn back into mice and vegetables!

Bonne chance, my darlings!

Have you caught Cinderella yet?

I know you can’t tell but I’m almost hyperventilating here. This is me, minutes before watching the movie of the year (for me at least), Cinderella! Woo hoo!

After watching the fairytale movie –  yup, I was all smiles. 😛

My husband, Bobby, and I actually caught the movie twice! It’s too beautiful to not submerge ourselves in all that romance and magic fairy dust again. 😛

He actually also did a full review of the movie itself. Haha! We’re now officially Cinderella’s Royal Reviewers. Haha! Read his thoughts about the film here –

A little trivia…

If you thought the intro of this post is familiar, that’s because I adapted it from Cinderella’s theme song, ‘Strong’ by Sonna Rele. The lyrics are just too beautiful.

And before I bid you adieu, here’s one last look at today’s makeup…


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Your friend, Juliana


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