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Keeping It Magical With La Novella

Weddings really are a symphony of organized chaos. Everything that can go wrong usually does.

People want to change seats or decide last minute that they prefer the look of their neighbours’ meal choice. You’re running around while trying not to trip up on your dress and embarrass yourself so you can hear about it at every family get together for the rest of your life, all while praying it doesn’t rain! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So how can you survive the unavoidable barrage of family and friend requests on the big day?

Easy – distract them!

And what better way to do that than with a photobooth? But with there seemingly being more photobooth companies in Singapore than people, how do you decide which one is right for you?

Well, read on to find out!


Photobooths really have become a staple item at weddings these days. They’re suitable for all ages and give your guests a nice memento of your big day so they don’t feel bored and neglected.

While they are busy snapping away, you can get ready for the next segment of your wedding.

Disney Wedding Singapore

After lots and lots and really lots of searching, I finally engaged La Novella and said I do! They really were fantastic!

The first step is obviously to find a photobooth company whose photos you actually like. When I stumbled on La Novella’s Facebook page, it was love at first sight I tell you.

I loved their gorgeous backdrops, the way they composed and framed their shots, but the icing on the wedding cake came when I called them.

It was their enthusiasm and attentiveness which made them stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Upon hearing my Disney fairytale concept, they sounded more excited than I did. I was over the moon!

Disney Wedding Singapore

In the planning stages, they came down to the venue to discuss their ideal setup location as well as the complicated schedule for my big day. The timetable was so complicated, I felt almost as if I was planning a military strike.

On the day itself, La Novella proved they were on the ball. With guests due to start arriving at 5.30-6pm, I was so happy to see the La Novella team at the venue setting up their booth at 4pm! Talk about perfectionism!

Despite my wedding being a relatively small and intimate affair, the booth was being manned by 5 people with Gui Jie of La Novella manually taking every photo himself.

Not only did this ensure that every photo was perfectly framed and delivered to our guests super fast, it also meant that guests didn’t have to worry about checking their position on a screen with the pressure of a time limit as imposed by some other photobooth companies.

Our guests had a lot of fun and praised how fast their photos were printed out. Even my mommy had a good time!

Disney Wedding Singapore

Although not the original backdrop that we had agreed on, La Novella came through with an even dreamier backdrop and some very gorgeous props which were perfectly in keeping with my Disney theme.

The proposed theme

The actual photobooth

Disney Wedding Singapore

Disney Wedding Singapore

Disney Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

The new backdrop blended very nicely with the Disney photo frame I designed. Purple clouds, pink castle, Tinkerbelle, glass slipper logo and a garden-esque backdrop – seriously, what more can we ask for?

Actually, La Novella also provides customised photo frame designing services that would fit your theme like a glove.

This was what they created for our Instagram prints.

La Novella Disney Wedding

Speaking of Instagram photo booths, our guests could also hashtag their Instagram photos with our official wedding hashtag #Bobbliana, then La Novella would instantly print out the photos and hand them to our guests later.

Impressive eh?

La Novella seriously upped the ante for wedding photo booths with this one. I highly recommend every wedding-couple-to-be to include this feature as now, you can literally put the Photo Booth in your guests’ hands. Trust me, this will significantly reduce the waiting time at the actual booth and instead, capture more incredible impromptu moments and even make it accessible to the older relatives who may have difficulty standing in line for long periods or walking to the booth.

I also very much appreciated how the folks at La Novella took the initiative to place these informative boards at different parts of the venue to explain how the different photobooths work.

La Novella Disney Wedding Photo Booth

In amidst the hubbub, I managed to take a few photos with my friends and family myself.

Thankfully La Novella were kind enough to keep all my photos and pass them to me at the end of the night, after all, pockets are hard to come by on wedding gowns.

La Novella Disney Wedding Photo Booth

Disney Bridesmaids

The La Novella guys were also extremely considerate and mindful of my wedding schedule making sure that the photobooth was closed for key moments such as our wedding entrance, my surprise dance for Bobby and during our speeches, ensuring we had our guests’ undivided attention.

Disney Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

I think I really hit the jackpot with La Novella. In the midst of all the wedding mayhem, La Novella stayed cool, calm and collected everyone’s photos so fast my guests were left smiling from ear to ear.

I love looking back at the smiles and memories from my special day with La Novella’s beautiful photos. Check out all our Photo Booth photos here –

Thank you La Novella for a job magically well done.

La Novella Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

If you’d like to know more about La Novella or engage them for your own party, check out their website at:

* All wedding photos courtesy of Light Box Productions.

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Your friend,


Disclaimer: Please rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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