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Jonsson Protein Hair Growth Review


If you want to have thick luscious hair like Rapunzel, then you’ll have to be cognisant of the way hair works.

Do you know that each strand of hair is composed of mostly protein? We’re talking about 91% here. This means your hair NEEDS protein to grow.

But guess what happens when your hair suffers from protein deficiency? The repercussions are not a pretty sight – think thinning hair, brittle hair roots, dandruff and coarse dry hair.

Supplementing your diet with more protein will certainly help but if you want to fix the problem fast, you may need professional help.

For all my friends who suffer from hair loss, premature greying, dandruff or any other scalp/hair related problems, it’s not too late to save those precious strands.

Click for your long-term and trustworthy mane solution. 🙂 Hailing all the way from America, Jonsson Protein is the only hair care expert in Singapore that uses protein to treat hair loss problems and promote healthy hair growth.

I’ve been plagued with hair loss woes for a long time so I decided to visit their White Sands branch to find more about their products and hopefully, also to treat this long-standing problem.

Their freshly-opened salon is nicely decked out in mahogany walls that made their premises feel homey and welcoming.

The reception

Their walls are also adorned with photos of different hair problems as well as photos of male and female models to show the variety of conditions and clientele they serve.

Hidden beneath the reception is this long walkway towards their common treatment area and consultation rooms.

Consultation room.

Common treatment area

Washing area

If you value your privacy and appreciate individual attention in a comfortable environment. you may also opt for the VIP room where you’ll be served by a dedicated Jonsson Protein therapist, away from the hustle and bustle of the common treatment area.

Before any treatment was administered, I was led to the consultation room for a detailed scalp analysis.

Jonsson Protein treats a myriad of hair problems including:

– Male and Female Pattern Baldness – Spot Baldness – Chemical-related Hair Loss – Post-natal Hair Loss – Menopausal Hair Loss – Dandruff-related Hair Loss – Premature Greying

So Fion, my consultant of the day, scanned my scalp to find out what was causing my hair loss issues.

And we made an alarming discovery – my diffuse hair loss condition is not that serious but my oily scalp problem is.

Here’s a closeup of my scalp that looks shiny and heavily clogged.

According to Fion, most of our hair is in a growing phase and that phase can last up to 5 years. At the end of it, our hair approaches a resting phase before they fall off and grow again. If the scalp is oily and hair follicles are clogged, hair can’t grow properly and many of them may go into the resting phase resulting in noticeable hair loss.

Fion suggested that we solve the problem at the root cause by doing a thorough cleansing routine followed by a nourishing hair mask to restore the health of the scalp and follicles.

The treatment is known as the VE Protein® Hair Care Treatment.

Jonsson’s VE Protein is a kind of natural protein that is extracted from plants and is easily absorbed by the scalp for effective hair growth because of its hydrolysed protein that can be quickly broken down. Jonsson’s customized protein-based treatment helps resolve hair loss problems through promoting hair growth and protecting hair quality, giving hair a smoother and healthier shine.

In-house VE Protein products

Now that I have identified the problem. It’s time to head to the treatment area to fix it!

I walked towards the common area but Fion gestured in the direction of the VIP room and led me to the private room instead. Woo hoo!

In the VIP room

Instead of regular water or tea, I was served a specially formulated protein juice while I indulged in my soothing head massages and chit chats with Fion.

Fion throughly cleansed my hair with their signature Pro-HairGro products that are infused with botanically extracted protein components and herbal ingredients.

Then she gently applied a protein ampoule to my scalp, followed by a soothing cleansing hair mask to rid the scalp off any excess oil.

Then she wrapped my hair with this steamer and heated it for 30 minutes.

And I’m done!

After some blow-drying, my hair looked like this!

Amazing isn’t it?

Trust me. I couldn’t stop staring at it. My hair was shiny, silky and really smooth to the touch.

My scalp also felt less greasy and looked denser than before.

If you’re expecting a pungent herbal smell from all that treatment, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, there was no particular fragrance. My hair just smelled fresh and clean. Haha!

According to Fion, my scalp problems stem from overly active sebaceous glands that are a result of my frequent chemical treatments, stressful lifestyle and imbalanced diet. In case you’re wondering what the sebaceous glands are – they secrete oil (also known as sebum) to protect the skin and moisturise the hair.

However the sebum can combine with other oils, pollutants, cosmetic products and dead skin cells. If a combination of sebum and other materials is left to build up, it can embed into the scalp.

When this occurs, the sebum based oil forms a hard layer of plaque. This plaque clogs the scalps pores and embeds itself into the scalps top layer of dead skin (the epidermis).

This is a major problem because if the pores are clogged, hair follicles will not be able to grow.

The VE Protein® Hair Care Treatment removes the excess sebum to clear the scalp pores. Here’s a close-up of my renewed scalp.

Juxtaposed the before and after photos.

The white flakes at the root of the hair are the excess sebum. So from the photo, you can tell that my scalp is significantly cleared of the nasty sebum. Even though it was not completely free of clogged pores, I was happy with the astonishing results after just one treatment.

Fion advised that I go for at least 6 treatments for long-lasting results. Eventually, the hair loss problem will go away with an improved scalp condition.

Regrowth will also occur if the oily scalp problem is treated regularly.

I look forward to continue nurturing my crown with the goodness of Jonsson’s advanced equipments and innovative protein treatments. Meanwhile, 3.5 Honeyz crowns for Jonsson’s impeccable service and effective products!

Warning! Typically, our scalp has about 120,000-150,000 strands of hair, and sheds about 50 to 100 strands of them each day. If you’re shedding an unusually large number of hairs, I highly recommend that you consult a hair expert to rectify the problem.

Personally, I rather be safe than sorry so I’ll probably be routinely going for my hair treatments at Jonsson Protein Hair Growth to prevent any strand saboteurs from ruining my locks.

Thank you Jonsson Protein and Fion for your comprehensive scalp scan analysis and generous hospitality!

Fion and I.

Would you like to try the VE Protein Hair Care Treatment too?

You can now try it absolutely free when you quote “Juliana” at the Jonsson Protein outlets.

Consultation is by appointment only so please call them at +65 6899 1788 to book your appointments.

Jonsson Protein is now available at:

Westgate (Jurong)

3 Gateway Drive,#03-24 Westgate, Singapore 608532

White Sands 1 Pasir Ris Central St 3, #04-17/18 Singapore 518457

Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, #04-73A Singapore 238839

Lot One Shoppers’ Mall 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #02-21A/B/C Singapore 689812

For more information about their products, services and latest promotions, visit their website at

Well, now we all know the best-kept secret of thick lustrous hair. 🙂

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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