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Hey ma, look! I’ve got pink hair!

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I posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it ‘Colors of Nature‘. Apt or trying too hard to blend into the green surroundings with my hot pink highlights? Haha!

Maybe a backdrop of sakuras will be more appropriate.

Anyway, who says pink hair is not for the faint of heart? Well, Hair Profile has proven that I can still go bold yet subtle with unorthodox hair colors.

Keep scrolling to read all about my gutsy hair revamp (before meeting the future in-laws). Gulp!


Hello Hair Profile Salon! I’m back for more!

Following the intensive moisture treatment from weeks ago, my mane is fully tamed and all ready to rock the dip-dye hair look! 😛

The condition is not too bad eh?

Still pondering: Pink hair or no pink hair?

Well, I can’t help being this indecisive because dabbling in the trendy dip-dye phenomenon before meeting the in-laws for the first time is pretty risky. I mean what if the dye job goes wrong and I end up looking like a vagabond? I don’t want them to hate me. 🙁

Kenji promised that everything will be fine and before I could say anything, the wizards of Hair Profile began working their magic to bring my hair back to life.

I’m a pretty lucky girl because the salon was actually bustling with customers at the time and yet, the directors still insisted on personally styling my hair.

Talk about commitment!

My scalp is rather sensitive so some hair dyes cause irritation and itching. I was worried about this but thought ‘Dang it! For fabulous looking hair, the itching is all worth it.‘ *scratch scratch*

Well, all worries of irritation were eliminated when Kenji (Director of Hair Profile) introduced Napura’s CM|10 Colormix. It comprises several types of essential oils that encourage the safe application of color and reduces the aggressive effect of coloring substances. The particular calming properties of the essences used mitigate the itch sensation and improve the welfare of the skin throughout the exposure time, preventing irritations and redness. In fact, regular use during coloring may help to prevent scalp sensitivity!

Kenji astounded me once again with his commitment to great service and quality. 🙂

Hair was dyed dark brown and adorned with golden streaks. Kenji hid the highlights underneath the hair so that they can only be seen when I flick it. Peekaboo!

And now we welcome the pink wave!

Kenji painstakingly picked out the gold highlights and painted them pink.

To minimize hair loss due to scalp irritation or breakages, Kenji made sure the potential of Hydrogen (pH) level remained balanced by constantly spraying a Napura pH balancer on my scalp. According to him, dye jobs will elevate the pH of the scalp and hair, making them more alkaline. This may cause the hair cuticles to open, allowing bacteria to enter. The Napura pH balancer is an acidifying spray treatment and it will neutralize the scalp by contracting the cuticles, thus preventing fungi and bacteria from getting in.

The process culminated with Napura’s K|10 Kera-Filler leave-on treatment that stabilizes hair colour and revitalizes its structure by protecting the capillary fiber in an optimal way. The silk proteins in the product ensure that hair stays shiny and vibrant for a long time.

And I’m done!

Kenji kept his promise – dark resplendent-looking tresses with hints of pink and of course without any compromise on the current length and texture.

I thought it looks trendy and oozes class at the same time. Ingenious! Even the in-laws loved it!

To maintain the glaze and color of the hair, Kenji gave me a bottle of Redken Color Extend Shampoo to take on the Europe trip. Well, he needed to ensure that I still kept my title as the ‘Wannabe Purveyor of Style‘ even when I was half way around the world. 😛

Also met the pretty Ginevi who was getting her hair makeover from Kenji too.

According to Kenji, the pink hair only lasts three weeks so I decided to do a photoshoot with Honeyz Paint House to immortalize the look. 😛

I call this photo series – Monologue in Pink


So if you’re looking to make a ‘hair-raising’ change, whether it be adding a smattering of pink highlights, experimenting with a new hair trend or trying on a celebrity hairstyle, look no further than here!

Special Promo for Honeyz Belles!

Quote ‘Honeyz‘ and enjoy 15% off all chemical treatments and a professional hair consultation with Kenji (strictly by appointment only).

Hair Profile Salon is located at 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #01-91.

Contact them at +65 6838 1811/ +65 6737 7617 for your hair appointments. For more info on their latest services, hair tips and promotions, visit their Facebook page at

On top of this juicy promotion, Hair Profile is also giving away hair packages (worth SGD290)!

Here’s how you can win!

Step 1: Access the lucky draw via this link (

Step 2: Fill in your particulars in the form fields and click on the green ‘Enter’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 3: Click on the ‘share’ button in the pop-up box to increase your chances of winning!

BONUS Step: Once you’ve submitted your entry, you can go back into the lucky draw ( to increase your chances of winning by inviting your friends via sharing on your wall, sending invite requests to your friends and sharing on Twitter!

Good luck belles!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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