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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden – Singapore’s First Hello Kitty Cafe

It’s ki-tea time!

Besides being a Disney trouper, I’m also a huge Hello Kitty fan. Any merchandise adorned with the adorable feline always sets my heart aflutter!

So it was really cool when I got to visit Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe with my best girlfriends who totally didn’t care that we almost missed our flight, just so that I could take photos with my favorite Hello Kitty treats! They are the bestest friends I tell you!

Well, I guess I don’t have to take a 4-hour flight to have my Hello Kitty latte anymore because our favorite feline has finally arrived in our little garden city! Woo hoo!

The cafe, aptly named Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, is decorated with a perfectly matching secret garden theme!

And the best part? It’s open 24 hours! Now you can get your dose of Hello Kitty even in the wee hours of the morning! Yay! I’ve found another supper venue. 😋

It opens today at Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Once it’s open, it’s never gonna close. Haha! Scroll down to take a quick virtual tour of the cafe with me!


Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

The entrance of the cafe sports a slightly European-inspired design and upon entering the premises, you’re greeted by a garden-esque surrounding that looks totally gush-worthy.

Hello Kitty Singapore 16

Customers also get to purchase the cafe’s very own custom tea and coffee blends as well as some DIY plant kits.

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 11

What makes this Hello Kitty Cafe so unique is its one-of-a-kind double-bowed Hello Kitty as seen below. Kawaii!

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 2

The cafe also carries plush toys fashioned to resemble this special Singaporean Hello Kitty and it’s limited to only 500 pieces in the world!

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 10

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you wouldn’t miss their dessert counters that display a pretty broad selection of cakes, tarts, soft serve frozen yogurt and gelato.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Now let’s step into the world of orchids and kitty!

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 8


Hello Kitty Singapore 17



Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 2

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 5

Hello Kitty Singapore 11

Hello Kitty Singapore 10

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 10

The cafe took inspiration from our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim as well as Hello Kitty’s kawaii flair for a uniquely Singaporean aesthetic.

They even have a back story for their Orchid Garden design. Customers can enjoy reading all about Hello Kitty’s little orchid germination journey straight out of the pages of her journal hanging around the cafe.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 5

I love the minimalist and classy approach to the design of the cafe. It is nothing like Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Sweets cafe where ‘pink and girly’ themes dominate the interior design flavour. Our Singapore edition adopts a softer tone with kitty bows and silhouettes adorning the furniture and decor, while paying more attention on creating a lush green and floral paradise experience.

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 8

Hello Kitty Singapore 8

Pictured here with me is a special Kitty house drink called Cumbermade, a fizzy mocktail of cucumber syrup, lemonade and soda water. Yums!

Hello Kitty Singapore 9

There’s even a designated area for cafe’s patrons to take photos with their life-sized double-bowed Hello Kitty! Well, I can’t miss this opportunity so it’s photo time!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 4

Say hello to the charming Rachel of Sixth Sense PR! To help us understand the concept of this new cafe better, Rachel gave us a quick rundown of some of their key features such as their inspiration, food offerings and seasonal Singapore-exclusive merchandise.

Hello Kitty Singapore 12

You know the only gripe I have towards most themed cafes is the quality of the food. The food is usually pleasing to the eyes but not the palates.

I was very excited when head honcho, Andrew Khoo, emphasised that the Hello Kitty Cafe takes pride in the quality of their food and will make sure that customers get a consistent and elevated dining experience.


Yay! And now we check out the star of the day – the menu!

Hola Nachos ($15.90)

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 11

Oops! Kitty Did It Again!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 6

Hello Kitty Singapore 5

Let’s Do The Salsa ($16.50)

Hello Kitty Singapore 4

Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50)

Hello Kitty Singapore 3

Cowabunga! Wagyu! ($24)

Psst! It’s Hello Kitty’s own rendition of local favourite, beef rendang!

Hello Kitty Singapore 2

Yay! Hello Kitty coffee for the win!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 7

Doing what we do best. Haha!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 3

Now it’s time for a groupfie with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore
Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore 6

From left to right: Agnes, Cindy, me, Chevron and Cassandra!

Beautiful decor, delectable assortment of food choices and superb service, Hello Kitty really outdid herself this time!

Thank you Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore and Sixth Sense PR for having us!

And of course, to the man behind the lens – my husband, Bobby, thank you for these incredible photos! Hello Kitty never looked better! Haha! Wuv you! ❤ ❤ ❤

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café is now open at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3 Arrival Meeting Hall Central, #01-22, 24 hours daily.

For more Kitty news and promos, visit their website at or call them at +65 6241 6127.

Thank you for reading and have a meow-tiful, I mean beautiful day!

Your friend, Juliana

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