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Hair Profile Salon Review: Color Me Purple

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Word has it that wearing purple enhances creativity and is associated with confidence, self independence and class.

Nice. I need that but I don’t think I should wear only purple or everyone might start associating me with Barney.

Well, since I wasn’t born to the purple, I decided to wear the gorgeous amethyst hue on my hair instead. It’s a perfect plan eh? Now I can look chic and exude ‘ostentatious’ confidence at the same time! Haha!

Guess what? I got my mommy dearest involved too. Click for all the scoop!

As usual, before I experiment with a new colour, Kenji, Director of Hair Profile Salon highly recommends a hair treatment to prep the hair for any oncoming dryness.

This time I’m getting a hair and scalp treatment from top Italian hair care brand, Napura.

My scalp has been rather irritated by the new hair products that I’ve been using. It is red and slightly flaky. I guess it is probably still trying to get accustomed to the new chemicals introduced to it.

Kenji recommended Napura’s T15.6 Active Pre that soothes and reduces redness of the skin, controls the bacterial flora of the scalp and removes dandruff.

The balanced mix of the Active Vegetal Principles and precious essential oils in its formulation facilitates the elimination of dandruff by opposing aggressive bacterial activity and keeping the scalp hydrated.

Joanne of Hair Profile, distributed the product directly onto the scalp by using soothing and gentle massage strokes that were absolutely invigorating. The delicate herb scent was a huge plus! I felt like I was reaching beauty nirvana during the treatment. Haha! The road to healthy hair is never complete without a full hair treatment too.

Kenji introduced me to Napura’s M19 Rikeir which is an innovative concentration of proteins, specifically formulated to reconstruct the damaged areas of the keratinical structure. A full treatment will result in stronger and shinier hair which is easier to brush and more resistant to future damages.

This process was like using a hair treatment mask. Basically, Eileen of Hair Profile sprayed the product on my dry locks and let it sit for a few minutes for maximum absorption before she rinsed the product thoroughly.

After an hour and a half of massaging, deep conditioning and cleansing…

… my hair was restored to an excellent condition. Check out the front view.

The hair looked and felt soft and bouncy and the highlights also appeared more vibrant than before.

Check out the shine!

A month later…

The good condition maintained. My hair was still shiny and smooth from the intensive Napura hair treatment a month ago.

According to Kenji, the Napura products were formulated by highly acclaimed and experienced trichologists, hence the effective long-lasting results.

My mane was now fully-prepped and ready for my hair colour transformation.

Check out the choices that were presented to me!

After much deliberation, I chose Blueberry Hill which was kinda like mardi gras purple.

The final product!

The color was rather dark immediately after the dye job. It only got lighter and brighter after a week or so.

This was the result.

What I love about Hair Profile’s dye jobs is their longevity. Hair colors usually last more than a month before they fade to an ombre style.

Here are a couple of photos of my hair taken in a studio about two months after the dye job.

The hair color has faded slightly to create a gradient effect which still looks pretty good.

I always believe that good things are better shared. So I brought my mom to Hair Profile for a makeover too!

Momsie’s long-time hair stylist had recently quit the business so even though she has been wanting to get a new hair cut and color, she hadn’t done so as she didn’t know who to turn to next.

I thought Kenji might be the answer to her hair prayers.

Check out their chemistry!

Mom was sharing her hair woes while Kenji was examining her hair and scalp.

According to Kenji, my mom’s hair looked flat and out of shape with plenty of unsightly flyaway strands. The color had also faded into dull city so he suggested a hair trim and a new hair color to refresh the style.

He begins the makeover with a quick hair wash, then began to cut the stringy ends away.

Did you know?

Hair Profile uses the best scissors in the market? Their high-quality scissors have a polished surface with the sharpest type of blade that gives a very smooth cutting action.

They send their scissors back to their factories in Japan every few months for maintenance services.

Talk about devotion to their craft!

Kenji suggested a well-layered hair cut that looks full and heavier than her ragged style before. He also recommended a dark brown color to complement the new hair cut. According to him, this will make my mom look 10 years younger!

The finished look.

Momsie loved her new hairdo and this was her review of her Hair Profile experience:

“I’ve never been to a more comfortable salon than Hair Profile. Their friendly staff and great service made me feel right at home. I was also very impressed with Kenji’s hairstyling skills which gave me beautiful, voluminous and healthy-looking hair. I’ll definitely come back again.”

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Hair Profile Salon is located at 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #01-91.

Contact them at +65 6838 1811/ +65 6737 7617 for your hair appointments. For more info on their latest services, hair tips and promotions, visit their Facebook page at

So what did you think of our new hair styles from Hair Profile? Do you have a favorite hair color or hair style you wanna share too? Let me know by tagging me on Instagram at @Anastasialove22!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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