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Gong Xi Fa Cai, My Dearest Belles!

Hello belles!

Last week, I had an incredible time working on a secret Chinese New Year Project with some of my good friends and corporate partners.

Before I unveil our little surprise, here’s a quick question – What do you like about Chinese New Year?

Is it the food, red packets, new clothes or the fireworks?

We agree that these are the hallmarks of a good Lunar New Year holiday, but we think that there is still a certain je ne sais quoi missing in the equation.

We asked a few of our friends what they thought and they too conceded that our favourite Spring Festival means so much more than just cleaning the house or having sumptuous meals.

Scroll down to find out what else is more important to them!

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*Video shot and edited by Honeyz Paint House*

Yeap! Lovely reunion gatherings, spending time and sharing the festive joy with our loved ones certainly brightens the season so much more.

Let’s make this new year celebration a family-oriented one! 记得回家吃饭!

If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family too! Psst! And you might also walk away with some juicy prizes from Baking Blocks, and Clara Song Make up! Click here to find out more –

From all of us at Honeyz Paint House, Honeyz Cube, Baking Blocks, Meta Illusions, Clara Song Make Up,, Flying Pistachios and Fat Clay, we wish you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Huat ah!

Psst! Here’s also an exclusive sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes:

If you’ve noticed my makeup is a tad different from my usual looks, bingo!

That’s because I’ve Clara – the makeup magician of Clara Song Make Up to help us with our makeup in the video.

On top of some skilful contouring and highlighting, Clara also brightened up my my sleepy peepers with some glistening eyeshadow, eyelid tape and her very own line of Clara Song false eyelashes.

Clara finished off with some yummy pink lipgloss and we’re ready to roll!

First, let’s test out the lighting!

Too dark!

Too bright!

Aah.. this is just right!

And since we’re already dressed to the nines, it makes a lot of sense to also sneak in an #OOTD photoshoot, isn’t it? 😛

A huge thank you to The Design Closets for dressing me in this beautiful modern cheongsam-inspired piece for the video. Whee!

Or even attempt a different kind of Chinese New Year shoot?

Welcome to the dark side…


Yay! I hope you guys had fun!

May the year of the Golden Monkey bring you and your loved ones, peace, happiness, trust, good health and fulfillment!

Lotsa love, luck and cheer, Juliana



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