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Glam-it! “Feel Me” Hand Cream & Universal BB Balm Review

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Glam It Hand Cream and Universal BB Balm Review

The low humidity and dry environment in airline cabins always take a toll on my skin, sapping every inkling of moisture out of me.

So to prevent myself from emerging from the plane looking like a dried prune, I always make sure I bring all the skincare items I need to replenish the moisture in my skin, lips and even hair.

Okay, here’s the problem – I also like to travel light (well, who doesn’t?) and lugging a thousand beauty products on the plane just doesn’t cut it.

So when I discovered this new beauty power duo that can practically replace all the beauty products I need, I was like…

 “Shut up and take my money!”

Haha! Yup. Following the phenomenal success of the first all-in-one luxe makeup compact, GlamPact, Glam-it! is all set to conquer the Beauty Land again. This time with the new “Feel Me” Hand Cream and Universal BB Balm.

So on my recent trip to the Maldives, I changed things up by leaving all my skincare in my suitcase and bringing only my Glam-it! products. I would definitely say my flight ended “on a brighter note” this time.

Click to read all about it! 🙂

Glam It Hand Cream and Universal BB Balm Reviews

Glam It Hand Cream Review

This rich hand cream contains a high concentration of shea butter, collagen and an infusion of almond oil, apricot oil and licorice extracts. The fast absorbing, anti-aging formula will moisturise dry hands leaving them smooth and lightly-scented.

– Suitable for all skin types – Paraben and sulfate free

How to use: Apply after washing hands or as often as need throughout the day

Price: SGD13 Afterthoughts…

The product disappears into my skin shortly after application but amazingly, my hand remains soft and moisturised. I don’t know how the product did it.

Most of the time, hand creams simply vanish, leaving my skin dry and wrinkly again so I have to re-apply the products. The few instances I don’t have to do that is when I’m using a cream that is as thick as pea soup. And that’s not great too as it usually feels very tacky on the skin making it impossible to touch anything without leaving nasty grease stains.

Glam It Hand Cream Review

This cream has a nice understated scent and does not leave my skin feeling icky and slick.

My only gripe is the absence of UV filters in the cream.

I was travelling in daylight hours to the Maldives and like many others, I’ve long heard about the spectacular aerial view of the Maldives’ coral atolls so naturally, I was glued to my plane window for a full 15 minutes before landing.

Well, I got my astonishing aerial view but I guess I also exposed myself to serious sun damage. We all know that the Maldives is located right on the equator so the amount of UV exposure is higher. And to rub salt into the wound, the UV rays are also more intense at higher altitudes. Talk about a double whammy! So if you’re like me – love peeking out of the window during landing, remember to apply products with sunblock properties to protect your skin.

Nonetheless, I’m still a huge fan of the long lasting effects of the Feel Me Hand Cream and its budget friendly price. 3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Petite Amie likes it too! 😀

Petite Amie Bunny

Glam It Universal BB Balm Review

Universal BB Balm is delicately fragranced in a tempting chocolate scent and a lifesaver for your chapped lips, hands, and all dry areas.

The BB Balm: – soothes baby rashes – massages (including baby massages) – reduces and prevents stretch marks – softens and removes cuticles – softens dry areas and patches (elbows, feet and ankles) – moisturizes chapped lips – prevent split ends and reduce flyaways

How to use: Keep lips, cuticles and dry heels, soft, supple and naturally protected.

Ingredients: It contains shea butter, argan oil and rosehip seed oil.

Price: SGD21


Travelling and multi-purpose beauty products should be the best of friends. Haha!

And since the Glam-it! BB Balm can be used on your body, hair and even lips, you bet your bottom dollar that this was the first product I put into my bag.

At first glance, I thought the texture might feel like tiger balm or vaseline – soft and balmy but I was wrong. The texture is the hard balmy type and after a few swipes, a thin greasy film appears on top. And that’s all you got.

The thick consistency does not allow generous applications of the product. This is not exactly a bad thing because I can now control frizz without leaving my hair too greasy or uncomfortable to the touch.

On top of that, we mostly likely ingest the products that we apply on our lips so the fact that the BB balm is organic makes it a perfect lip care balm too.

My only suggestion – why not add a partition in the pot? You see, I don’t want to apply the product to my feet or hair, then use it on my lips later. To carry two pots of the product also defeats the purpose of ‘travelling light’.

With a partition in the pot, I can assign one side to my body, and another side to my lips. This could even be a special travel edition of the balm! 😀

For now, I like how the BB Balm deeply restores the moisture that was wicked away by the dry air in the cabin without being overly oily.

3 Honeyz crowns!

The Glam-it! “Feel Me” Hand Cream & Universal BB Balm are now available on the Cube Store

And here are other items I would bring along with me on my travels:

– Adorable plasters from Typo and mozzie repellant patch from Tiger Balm. First aid has never been cuter!

– Highlighter from the MAC Cinderella collection to ensure I’m glowing 24/7! Haha!

– Foldable flip flops from Flipsters

– Facial mask from Olay to hydrate my skin during the flight

Before I sign off, here’s a final tip for the road:

Your skin bears the brunt of the damage on a flight so remember to stay away from alcohol as well as salty foods and drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself.

Have fun!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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