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Foundation Review: Clinique and Dior

Clinique’s Perfectly Real Radiant Skin Compact Makeup

This product has been my all-time favourite since 5 years ago.


The foundation is pretty light weighted and gives my complexion a very natural finish after application. I have an oily complexion and the one look I fear most is the cakey face look. Because of the ultra-refined powders, it does not give my face that effect. So even though it is for very dry to combination skin, my oily complexion still loves it! 😀

Another plus point is that it has a built in SPF 29/PA+++. I thought this is pretty high as most foundations has only SPF 15 to 20.


I suppose the coverage for this foundation is medium as it camouflages my zits fairly well but not so for my freckles. They are still pretty visible after application. I don’t know whether this is a bad thing to most of you but it’s definitely a ‘thumbs down’ for me.

Another downer: It’s not lasting. The foundation usually ‘vanishes’ from my face just after 5 hours and I’ll have to reapply again.

But I found a way to prevent this problem and that is to apply more moisturizer and make up base. This way, my makeup will usually last for another 2 hours on top of the 5.


I usually purchase this foundation at the Nuance Watson stores at the Changi Airport terminals when I’m on my way out of the country. It is priced at SGD 66.

They don’t sell refills though. So I’ll usually buy the refills from Isetan at SGD 50. Recently, I discovered that Johor Bahru’s (JB) City Square’s Clinique Store only retails this at 110 MYR. According to, this means it is SGD 47. I guess it’s only worth the travel if you are buying in bulk or planning to purchase other items.

Diorskin x4 Control Compact Foundation

I first spotted this product a year ago at Changi Airport Terminals’ Nuance Watson. I was intrigued by its classy design.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dior’s lip glosses because of their great quality – richer colour intensity and lasting shine. So I was curious as to whether the quality of the foundations measure up to their lip glosses.


Its texture is pretty smooth, so applying it on my face is always easy. Usually after applying make up base, I’ll have to pat on foundation with my sponge before I can glide it across my face, otherwise it will create a cakey texture on my skin. Well, I don’t have to do that for this foundation. 😀

But I suspect it could also be the enclosed sponge that the compact foundation provides. The sponge feels different from other sponges that I’ve used. It’s heavier in weight and feels denser. (Maybe I should try applying the foundation with other sponges in future. Will keep you guys posted.)

Besides having oily skin, my skin is also acne-prone. So I usually break out if I wear foundation for too long. This product does not cause me to break out after hours of wearing it so thumbs up to that!

SPF 20 -PA++. Pretty decent.


As I mentioned previously, this is one thing I fear most. So booooooo to the foundation’s inability to absorb my facial oil after a mere 2 hours. 😛

Coverage-wise is also not that great. Pretty sheer coverage. I usually have to apply concealer on my face to hide imperfections.


I think it was SGD 70++ at the Nuance Watson stores at Changi Airport terminals.

Again , they don’t sell refills so I’ll usually get them at Robinsons at SGD 60.

Comparing them both…

All in all, I feel that the properties of both foundations are almost similar.

If I have to choose, it’s probably the Clinique’s foundation. Dior’s foundation pales in comparison with Clinique’s for the following reasons,

1) Does not fulfill the basic needs of a foundation – Evening out bad skin tone

2) Pricier

Before I sign off, I thought I’d give you pretty ladies some Foundation Makeup Tips

  1. For light coverage, apply foundation with a brush

  2. For fuller coverage, use an enclosed sponge

  3. Applying moisturizer and foundation is also the best time to massage your skin. This helps to stimulate the skin and improve blood circulation so that it looks less puffy and more radiant.

Do it in the following motion.

Besides foundations from these luxe brands, I also use foundations that don’t break my bank – Faceshop and Loreal. I’ll review them in my next foundation makeup post.

Stay gorgeous!

Love, Juliana

Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that reviews are entirely subjective. It is normal to have differing views so please don’t hate me if I didn’t speak well of your favourite product. I definitely have no intentions of distorting the image of any brand. Well, to each his own, isn’t it? Peace!


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