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I've A New Business Baby

Flow Fysique Factory Science Based Doctor Approved Fat Loss System

Holy smokes! The ultimate body transformation plan is finally here! After eight months of preparation work, we can finally present to you the Flow Fysique Factory, possibly the only resource you'll ever need for nothing but the truth about weight loss! 😜

So what's the brouhaha about, you ask?

After seeing many patients with chronic diseases for the past few years at RESCU, we realised a fairly common causative denominator was low activity level and unfavourable nutrition plans. The ailments presented were often weight-related and the symptoms could potentially have been prevented with some simple tweaks to their lifestyles.

Our Clinical Director (also my husband), Dr. Bobby Stryker has always had a keen interest in weight loss and exercise. Over the last few years, he managed to help a lot of our patients improve their health and some were even able to come off their regular chronic medicines by just being more aware of the underlying cause of their health problems. Because of these astonishing results, we often found ourselves being invited to present our proven, science-based fat loss methods at highly regarded medical conferences.

Last year, we decided to put together a comprehensive fat loss programme for our patients and that's when we realised we could share Bobby's extensive knowledge of weight loss with the rest of the world so everyone can benefit and hopefully live longer for our loved ones.

So here we are -  eight months later with three scientific evidence-based programmes that we hope can help you become your own celebrity coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and motivational speaker.

I do have to emphasise that the books do not mince words. It is not a one-week plan to become a Victoria's Secret model kind of programme. You do require perseverance, a mindset change and some elbow grease to be able to achieve your fat loss goals and keep the body of your dreams. We also do not encourage eliminating food groups or going into starvation mode.

We have already pre-written three blog posts and there will be new content on the Flow blog every week to help you guys redefine your healthstyle!

Oh and fun fact! It is also my first time designing a website with mostly dark tones as I wanted to create an 80s gym vibe. But I have to constantly remind myself to take note of the halation effect. Well I guess that contributed to the eight months of work when it could have been seven. Haha!

If you've been following my posts, you probably already know that we closed our studio and converted it into a gym space for Flow Fysique Factory content instead. For more behind-the-scenes scoop, check out my highlights on Instagram.

I hope I’ve managed to galvanise some of you to visit the website and our IG page Hehe! Thanks again for your support as always!

With this renewed mantra about health and wellness, I'll also be sharing more about my new routines and hopefully contributing more to the Fitness and Nutrition category on this blog. You know what I'm gonna say next... please continue to watch this space!

Meanwhile, do comment down below if there's any fitness or wellness-related topics you would like me to cover in the upcoming posts.

Finally, keep muscling and sparkling, you guys!

Your friend,



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