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Fashion Review: Lilies of e Field (LOEF) Oversized Shirt (Green) and Pleated Shorts (Pink)

Add panache to your fashion wardrobe with Lilies of e Field!

Oversized Shirt in Green (Click here to see it on LOEF)


This little pistachio definitely loves the camera! It looks gorgeous in every picture!

I like that the material is very thin and soft – this makes it very comfortable. It is kind of like a relaxed fit shirt. Great for summery days!

Simultaneously, the thinness of the material makes it really stylish. I always thought thick shirts are too serious – they belong to the workplace. Well, just a personal opinion, feel free to disagree. 🙂

Of course, the stylish thin fabric is tagged with a price – it is pretty sheer. Nude bra is recommended. If you still feel ‘overexposed’, wear a tube or petticoat top underneath. Don’t worry, these additions do not compromise on the style.

It also wrinkles rather easily. But that doesn’t affect me much. In fact, I thought the wrinkled look makes me look even more stylish!

All in all, I love the top, notwithstanding the little imperfections that I’ve highlighted. 4.5 Honeyz crowns!

Pleated Shorts in Pink (Click here to see it on LOEF)


Saunter into a party in this flirty number and I’m sure you’re gonna turn heads!

Sometimes, I feel that I allow myself to fall victim to fashion trends and this essentially kills any goal to create my personal style. So I decided to pick something that is not exactly a hot favorite amongst fashionistas this time around. Many are into tight high waist shorts these days, and this pretty thing sure runs to the opposite side of the fashion spectrum with its low waist feature and flares.

Surprisingly, I loved it! It hid my heavy bottom well and created the illusion of slimmer legs with its huge cutting. The pastel pink shade adds a tinge of femininity to the overall look too.

However, the skorts (skirts + shorts) were slightly big for my 25 inches waist. I had to alter it slightly before the shoot.

I like the elastic band at the back and I thought it is great for the ‘bloated days’. Material and workmanship is also pretty good. No unfavorable comments about them.

4 Honeyz crowns for this piece. You should get one too! (It’s selling like hot cakes in LOEF by the way.)


In case you’re wondering where regular feature ‘Behind the scenes’ has gone to. I’ve uploaded the photos on Honeyz Facebook page instead. Check them out here!

Alright, that wraps it up for me.

Keep that awesome style going!

Love, Juliana

Disclaimer: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but I would like to emphasize again that Honeyz fashion reviews are NOT advertorial posts. I do not endorse any of those brands featured. Rather, I’m trying to show you how normal girls (girls with non-supermodel statures) look like in clothing from these famous boutiques. This is to aid you in making informed purchase decisions when it comes to updating your fashion wardrobe. 🙂



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