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“Dreams Really Do Come True” – Our Cinematic Wedding Trailer (The Highlights)

You’ve seen the entrance, now brace yourselves for another spectacular Disney extravaganza!

And we’re calling it the “Dreams Really Do Come True” Cinematic Wedding Trailer which gives you a glimpse of the key events of our nuptials such as the traditional Chinese tea ceremony (spot the Hello Kitty tea set!), our Disney-inspired ensembles, the legendary Sleeping Beauty Castle cake and the various Disney ornaments and decor.

Of course, we can’t forget the ‘Fairytale-Gone-Wrong’ gatecrash mayhem that the groomsmen had to go through. Haha!

Also, I want to give a HUGE and special shout out to my amazing bridesmaids, Ashlyn, Jo, Jeslyn, Tiffany and Alice for investing an enormous amount of your precious time to plan the Hens Night, gatecrash and practice the surprise dance for B. You even offered to pay for the limo! *sobs*

Thank you for being so supportive all the way and making sure that everything is in keeping with my Disney theme. You are the best bridesmaids, friends and sisters! But! I regret to say that we’re no longer Best Friends Forever (BFFs). Because we’re now Best Family Forever! Love you all!

And to Bobby’s Wolf Pack (Band of Brothers), I can’t thank you enough for flying all the way to Hong Kong and throwing an incredible bachelor party for B (AND making sure that it did not turn into another episode of The Hangover :P) as well as for enduring the heat at my corridor in your suits while acceding to all my bridesmaids challenging requests!

Thank you all for giving Bobby and I a special day that we can always reminisce about.

It’s so bomb ass that I don’t mind being caught in a Groundhog Day wedding time loop. Haha!

And now the video! Enjoy!

Your friend, Juliana

Credits: Video by Sim Video Productions. Photo by Lightbox Productions.



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